Reconsidering “Write A Book With Me”

By Holly Lisle

Write A Book With Me (WABWM) was a popular part of my weblog back when I was doing it the FIRST time. I thought it was popular just with the writers on my site, though, so when I restarted it, I moved it into the writing community, because I didn’t want to bore readers.

Now I’m not so sure.

If you’re one of my readers, I’d like to know whether—if the following posts were HERE instead of on my writer’s forum—you’d find them interesting reading, or something you’d have to wade through to get to the good stuff.

I’m NOT asking for a show of hands. If you’re a reader, I’d like to know WHY you’d like to have the posts here, or not have them here.

(And if you’re a writer who did WABWM before, was it easier here, or is it easier on the forum?)

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