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Recommending some software: Freeter Pro — 6 Comments

  1. I took a look at this as it sounded pretty good and might be super useful to some of my students, then I read through some of the forums. It appears as though it was bought by someone early Jan 2018, but somewhere in June or July? last year the guy ‘disappeared’ and there’s been no contact from him since. It still looks pretty good for what it does, although getting any updates or fixes to known bugs could be an issue.

  2. Wow, that looks handy! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’m developing an online course to help solopreneurs with productivity, and this will likely go into my recommended products list. Already I can see it could take the place of two apps I now use – a to-do list with recurring items, tied to a pomodoro timer. And what a time-saver, to have things in one place in projects, instead of looking in multiple Dropbox folders for everything!

    • My best guess is that once I set it up, it has saved me about half an hour to forty-five minutes per day of finding commonly used files, locating my current lesson, locating my current novel (when working between three in the course of each week), and it has been flawless.

      It is my single favorite new software acquisition since Scrivener.

  3. Yes – They do have a linux version. Just download it, put it where you want it on your system and launch it.

    I will “play” with it later, but starts up very quickly and prompts you in getting things set up and running. Looking forward to test drive it and see if it will help me.

    • Very good to know. It’s a brilliant program, and along with my bullet journal, has made my work day much more focused. A place for everything, and everything in its place has killed my chaotic eight-screen workflow that never worked right.

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