Recommending an interview with Camille Paglia about Hugh Hefner

By Holly Lisle

Yes, the sun is now the moon, cows are spherical, and ice cream is a health food.

I am recommending as relevant, interesting reading for both men and women (but especially women), an interview with a feminist.

In the 1970 and VERY early eighties, I was a feminist. This was when feminism was supporting equal pay for equal work, which I thought was important.

At the point where feminists started screaming “All men are rapists“* (current article, not another link to either an Andrea Dworkin quote or to a statement that Andrea Dworkin denied saying it,) and claiming that women who murder their own children are “victims,” my response was, “You’re a bunch of fuck-headed morons. I’m outta here.”


Anyway, I found myself agreeing with a great deal that Paglia said. Not everything. But a lot.

She hasn’t (even remotely) convinced me to consider myself a feminist again. But she did give me some hope that somewhere out there, women who call themselves feminists have not all lost their minds.

LITTLE SIDE NOTE: Classing men as de facto rapists is the same as saying that someone who copies a movie onto a disk is a pirate. Pirates have ships and guns and kill people, and rapists use force without consent and rape people.


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