Rebel Tales Writers’ Guidelines Now Posted

They read like a short, curmudgeonly course on how to write fiction, but I have them up and posted.

You can read them here:
Rebel Tales Writers’ Guidelines

As noted elsewhere, I’m NOT ready for submissions yet. But you may have to write a whole new story to fit the guidelines, so I’ve posted them first.

You are welcome to ask questions about the guidelines. Just don’t ask if you can send in your story early.

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8 responses to “Rebel Tales Writers’ Guidelines Now Posted”

  1. Mae Powers Avatar

    These are very good guidelines. Nothing superflous about them; in fact quite concise and clearly written, just like a story should be. Thanks for them, Holly. Mae

  2. Bill Glover Avatar
    Bill Glover

    I really like these guidelines, for the same reason you appreciate a query that starts with the The Sentence. When a magazine’s guideline says “just send us something great” it implies they they may not know know or may not know how to express what they really want.

    On format, you might clarify what program you will be using to read the submitted RTF since Microsoft doesn’t follow the spec for footers and headers among other things, but OpenOffice does.
    That will help submitters match the format you expect to see.

    If you haven’t already fixed it already, the line
    “… people I value. I value my editors.) ”
    should probably read
    “… people I value. I value my editors.”

    I like the shared risk “Another Sky” approach to the author compensation. You may be onto the next big thing. I’m looking forward to seeing Rebel Tales knock people’s socks off!

  3. Jeff Avatar

    I’ve never written Sci-Fi to any extent, but for some reason reading this post has my head spinning with story ideas begging to be written. A little research on outer space, maybe a reread in quantum physics and some quick reads in the genre and I think I’m gonna try nailing some stories down.
    Thanks for giving my Muse a slap Holly, he’s been snickering at me the past few days – like he knows something I don’t (always the case) and is enjoying watching me struggle.
    Maybe spending the next few days working on Sci-Fi will annoy my Muse in spilling the beans with the fantasy.

  4. Holly Avatar

    Where contemporary fiction is concerned, anyone who dares to set standards and require writers to actually write stories is damned rebellious. Hence the name. 😀

    And I have a timetable. First, Margaret and I have to get the backend set up, and since she’s still doing coding, nothing goes forward until that’s done and we can test.

    Then I’ll take a few test submissions myself, and rate them.

    Then I’ll take editor applications, have prospective editors rate the same stories I’ve already rated, and bring on board the one or ones who understand the guidelines and have done the best job of using them the way I would to select stories.

    Then we’ll accept submissions.

    Then we’ll start selecting stories, setting up the ezine, hiring artists and probably a web designer.

    Then we’ll open for business.

  5. EsotericEnigma Avatar

    Understanding that you aren’t accepting applications, do you have any sort of timetable for when you will do so? I’d like to know if I have time to finish the short story I’m working on now or if I should let it simmer and start something fresh specifically for this format. Thanks!

  6. vanity Avatar

    The guidelines aren’t really all that strict – they just state clearly what’s required, saving some people disappointment.

  7. bspvirgo Avatar

    It amuses me that something called “Rebel Tales” has such strict guidelines. Perhaps “Conformist Tales,” would be a better choice. I’m joking of course – I’ve already begun work on the story I plan to submit as soon as you start excepting them!

    1. Emerald Avatar

      Who says rebels aren’t strict? In fact, rebels are usually the strictest. Can’t start a revolution by lazing around.

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