Rebel Tales Editor Update

I’ve now filled all try-out slots for Fantasy and Suspense editors. I took the weekend off, spent all day yesterday catching up on customer service, and today I’m going to get the last SF and Paranormal applicants.

I received more than 150 applications, and was blown away by the skills, experience, and vision of the folks who responded.

If you’ve applied, I’ll do my best to have a response up for you today or tomorrow.

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4 responses to “Rebel Tales Editor Update”

  1. Claudette Avatar

    Gotta tell ya, Holly, I never envied you your job with these apps. Though I would have loved to be an editor, I knew in my heart that I would have made a much better columnist or interviewer. And I still like to write my own stuff too much to ever let go of that entirely.

    Those you chose had to have been very qualified people with the expertise and drive to do as you needed them to do in that position.

    Kudos to you, girl. I’m proud to stick around here every day or two just to see the progress. Lookiing forward to seeing the submissions call sign come up.


  2. meham Avatar

    Are the notifications automatic? Problem with ticket/webpage?

  3. Holly Avatar

    I had specific criteria I was looking for. And I had eight tryout slots to fill per category. Which means today I sent out 32 provisional acceptance letters, and 120 rejections.

    The acceptances were a lot of fun. The rejections sucked. Gotta tell you—those are no fun on either end of the process.

  4. Amy Laurens Avatar

    It’s amazing you’ve gotten through all the applications so quickly. Thanks, Holly, for being awesome as usual 🙂

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