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17 years ago

Hello again Holly and thanks for responding to my whinig post. (I’m really sorry starting of whining like that. Promise to my self and everybody else: no posting before coffee kicked in). What I more clearly want to say is that I’m amazed how you gone through bad and worse times and still kept doing your work and your head up. I know I’ll have some troubled months before me related to my job (which is in a field where bureaucracy gone mad and as soulkilling as it can get without being at MC D) and therefore I just wanted to know how to get through them and use them, but I think you gave me some good views. Thank you!

17 years ago

I’m a dedicated visitor to your site since a while back and I read your advice for writers closely and often (for inspiration and kick in the b…) I have a question for you that if you find your self willing to answer it I would be ever so happy: During those years you worked as a nurse, how did you survive? I’ve set my mind to at least give my self the chance to try and live as a full time writer once, but until then; (or until I can find a full time job that’s bearable) how the heck do you survive when the job is just soul-killing boring and drains your energy out of every pore so when it’s time to sit down and write you fall asleep over the key board? Have any good answers?

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