Reader Interview: Just Desserts

Just Desserts
Just Desserts
Okay. I have this crazy thing for cookies. My first word, aside from “mommy” and “daddy” was cookie. Seriously.

Cadence Drake has developed a craving for this one particular cookie-maker’s cookie because I NEVER get to have as many cookies as I want, so I’m living vicariously through her.

Some folks don’t even like desserts. Some folks would skip the meal for a perfect apple pie.

Which dessert would you have if you could only have one? And why that one?

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146 responses to “Reader Interview: Just Desserts”

  1. Dot Day Avatar
    Dot Day

    I really miss an unhealthful chocolate cake I used to make. Even my easy -to make substiution (can’t cook as well or as much since beng confined to a wheelchair) was wonderful. Two boxes of really good brownie mixes with additional walnuts made together in a bundt cake pan. Then drizzle, no, coat, the inside center hole and the top and sides with creamy chocolate ganache. P. S. I’ m working on a diet journed book!

  2. Claudsy Avatar

    For me, this is an easy question; my mom’s homemade butterscotch pie. I’ll never taste another, for she went home 27 yrs. ago. Even though I have her recipe, which came down through the family, I’ve never mastered its making and it wouldn’t be the same.

    I stopped having birthdays that year of her death, for that was my “cake” each year. Now I have only Achievement Days to mark my passage through life. I still miss tasting that pie.

  3. Amazingrace Avatar

    I gained 10 pounds just READING these reponses! For myself, I truly cannot decide between chocolate mousse with whipped cream and strawberres, and baked cheese cake with – what else? – whipped cream and passionfruit.

  4. Celise Avatar

    Cream Cheese Pie from Marie Callender’s. It’s so rich and creamy, but they abruptly went out of business *choking sobs inserted here* and it sucks trying to find a substitute. Second best is Tiramisu from the Cheesecake Factory.

  5. Chris Avatar

    My grandmother on my dad’s side made the world’s best scratch-baked vanilla pound cake — at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas. One July (I think I was15 or 16), I called her up and said, “either you have to bake me a pound cake, or you have to give me the recipe,” and she did the latter. My pound cake became nearly as famous as grandma’s.

    But when it really went over the top was when I modified the recipe for a special event.

    My choice is my own Meyer Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese cold oven pound cake (everyone who bakes a great one knows that starting from a cold, not a preheated oven), is the real secret of awesome pound cake.}

    Second choice would be another variation on the above theme, which got me a couple of half-joking marriage proposals — that was my Dark Chocolate, Mandarin Orange Truffle Pound Cake (made with Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle cocoa mix, fresh mandarin oranges, and Godiva Dark Chocolate Mandarin Orange Truffles — a pound of each, to keep the recipe traditional. It’s literally so rich that most folks were cutting slice about an eighth of an inch thick, once they noticed folks that took a “normal”-sized slice unable to finish it.

    Suddenly, I have the urge to go bake something. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Lillie Brown Avatar
    Lillie Brown

    No Bake Cookies. The chocolate, the peanut butter,the flavor. They’re so simple to make and so yummy I usually end up getting burned because I try to get them before they are off the stove.

  7. elizabeth dutson Avatar
    elizabeth dutson

    Caramel apple. Home made caramel is a must. Made with real butter and brown sugar. The trick is getting the caramel at just the right stage, firm enough to adhere to the apple but soft enough to bite right through. And selecting the right apples of course. A good tart/sweet apple from a local farmers market. So good! And here’s the thing about caramel apples. They have the magical power to transport you right into the mysterious heart of Autumn. All great adventures begin with a caramel apple.
    I think great adventures end with a steaming cup of spiced cider. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Gary H. Avatar

    My mother used to make a chocolate pie that was to DIE for. She taught me to make it, and apparently was quite successful since I’ve had people ask me to bring it places. It takes a hellaciously long time to make, unfortunately, but OH is it worth it.

  9. Caitlyn Avatar

    Oh, thinking delicious thoughts now… Hmmm… I’m a big sweet tooth myself and anything chocolate is good in my book, but Oreo fudge and chocolate cheesecake are divine.

    1. Dot Day Avatar
      Dot Day

      Recipe, please!

  10. Michael Polk Avatar
    Michael Polk

    I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and Reese’s peanut butter cup ice cream. I really like it mushy, almost like thick soup.

  11. Emma Avatar

    I would love to have a piece of (ok the whole pie) my Mom’s Chocolate Chip pie. I have never seen anyone but her make it. The thought of it makes me smile.

  12. Stephanie Avatar

    My most favorite dessert is one that I used to eat in Germany at the Chile’s restaurant.

    My oldest son was two, and we would go to Chile’s every other sunday or so and order their hot fudge brownie sunday. It was served in this huge chalice, and we would enjoy an hour together savoring the blend of melted ice cream, fudge, and brownie. I would choose this dessert because of the memories it invokes, and in hopes it would spur me to create a similar ritual wih each of my children.


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