Reader Interview #1: Start with a bang

Superheroes on the Town
Superheroes on the Town
I’m starting something new on my weblog. I want to get to know the folks who read my work, and I decided to do it in an offbeat way. Once a month, (on the third Wednesday of every month, to be precise) I’m going present one interview question, and I’d like to read your best and most sincere answer. These will be hard-hitting, get-to-the-core-issue questions, the kind that back in the day made interviewees on 60 Minutes sweat.

Well, no, not really. I intend these to be interesting and fun, actually, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you say.

This week’s question:

Which superhero would you pick to accompany you if you knew your evening was going to end in a kidnapping attempt, thugs with machine guns, and at least one helicopter chase, and why?

(My answer? Batman, but only as written by Frank Miller, who comes up with the best lines ever, because I want to survive the night, but I want to do it with a steady stream of cool one-liners to listen to while we kick ass and don’t bother taking names.)

You can pick any superhero, no matter how popular or how obscure, from any culture, any medium, and any time period. Just be sure to say what makes that superhero the one you’d want at your side an a particularly exciting night.

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195 responses to “Reader Interview #1: Start with a bang”

  1. Patricia Avatar

    There are far too many choices, so I asked my hubby first. Without even missing a beat he said,

    “The Punisher, because he’s not afraid to do what needs to be done.”

    No doubt the Punisher would be pretty badass, and he’d have no problem with the machine guns and helicopter, but he’s definitely not my style.

    My hubby could hold his own if there was just one or two bad guys, but the machine guns and helicopter would be way out of our league. So I would like Spider-Man to be our hero.

    He would snag them all in his webbing. Even if he had a few technical difficulties with his web shooters, he has the brains to think of a creative solution.

    I also like how he can add comedy relief to a life or death situation. As much as I’d like to think I’d handle the situation well, I’m afraid I would be rather useless, so his teasing banter would be most helpful in “keeping it together” until the adventure was done. πŸ™‚

    A shame Spidey wouldn’t stick around (haha, pun not intended), because I’d love to chat with him for a little while. I always loved his nerdy awkwardness, probably because I’m a huge nerd as well. πŸ˜€

    If Spidey was preoccupied, then Walt Longmire or Mal and his crew from Firefly would be awesome.

    Mal and his crew would conduct the rescue with a flair of swashbuckling class and plenty of humor. You never know what they’ll manage to pull off, and I love Captain Mal’s sense of honor.

    And Walt Longmire would never let it go. He truly cares, and he wouldn’t stop doing everything he could until we were safe. πŸ™‚

  2. Marya Miller Avatar

    Buliwyf from “The 13th Warrior”; not because I think he would necessarily succeed, but because he would die trying. Buliwyf was that astonishing person, a hero in the truest, most archetypal sense of the word; a man of honor who kept his word; who was afraid but did what he had to anyway. It’s better to die with someone like that by your side, someone who knows what really matters, someone you can believe in, than survive with some dude (or dudette) who has a big machine gun.

  3. Angel Avatar

    Well, I was gonna go with Wonder Woman, but as I see a few fans of hers already, I’ll go with Kitty Pride–she can walk through walls, ignore bullets, and has access to all the Xmen toys, including their jet with cloaking/invisibility. And back-up if necessary from her boyfriend Colossus and the rest of her team.

  4. Steve Avatar

    Where do you get the snazzy graphic characters ?

    1. Holly Avatar


  5. Paul Avatar

    Gohan as The Great Saiyaman from Dragonball-Z. He’s the most naive, friendly, smart and hilarious superhero i’ve ever come across. Maybe he can teach me how to fly while he’s at it!

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