Rats and Turtles

My oldest kid’s life just took one of those nasty turns that hit all of us. She has to (quickly) find homes for a pet hairless rat who doesn’t have much longer to live (he/she has a tumor), and for three large painted turtles in an aquarium. I know the rat comes with its cage, and with food. I believe that the turtles come with their aquarium, and with food.

If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area and would be willing to provide a few months’ hospice for a dying rat, or would like to own three cool turtles, please contact me, and I’ll put you in touch with my daughter.

Thank you for even considering this.

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10 responses to “Rats and Turtles”

  1. shawna Avatar

    I hope y’all let us know what happens with the ratty. Thought I’d share a couple of pics of our Yoshi, both pre- and post- surgery.

    The second pic is pretty cute… though it is NOT an easy task to find a Barbie shirt that fits a rat… and it’s MUCH more difficult to actually get the shirt on.

  2. Jenne Avatar

    Becca, I hope your rat can be cured and your turtles find nice new homes.

  3. April Avatar

    I am happy to help, Beccy. Good luck to you and Chloe!

  4. shawna Avatar

    We just had a (probably mammary) tumor removed from our Yoshimi about a month ago. She seemed very healthy and well other then the tumor. It actually cost me about $125, but I don’t have cheap access to a metro area or a good exotics vet. She’s doing quite well now, and recovery was quick. (Nothing like seeing a rat in a pink and white striped Barbie doll shirt to keep her from nibbling at the stitches, though.)

    Remember, though, rats don’t tend to a long lifespan as it is… I really struggled with whether or not to have the tumor removed, because it was a big expense for us. And then we suddenly lost her sister Monkey this last week, for no apparent reason. (They’re around age 2.)

    And the tumors can come back. If you have it removed, see if you can have her neutered at the same time- usually doesn’t cost much more, and it’s advised as a way to help reduce the chance of that particular kind of tumor coming back. (Mammary ones are very, very common in female rats.)

    And good luck! I’d like to see someone have some good luck- since our rat luck seems to be missing.

  5. Izeklah Avatar

    As a former rat owner myself, I’d like to second the comment about tumor removal being possible and affordable. One of my rats developed an ugly, massive tumor, and my vet was able to remove it for around $60. The rat was able to return to a normal, happy life afterwards. While I may have been lucky in that case, I just thought I’d say that it is possible and it has happened before. I wish you and your rat the best of luck.

    If you’re ever going to be around the Tampa Bay area, my vet’s address is listed here:


    Its “All Creatures Animal Clinic,” the first listing on the page.

  6. Liz Avatar

    A friend of mine just had three tumors removed from one of her rattys, and the rat’s doing well. It’s apparently pretty common. Good luck, Becca!

  7. HollysBecca Avatar

    I cannot tell you how pissed off at my ex I am. He told me that no vet would look at a rat, that there was no possible way to help her. Because he had had rats before I believed him.

    Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that there is a way to help her. I can only hope that it’s not too late, I’m looking up local vets now.

    I know that you’re not judging and I fully agree with you about pets and pet-care. My mom could tell you about the way I’ve reacted in the past with animals. I strongly believe that an animal has a life too, they’re not toys or things to be discarded at all.

    I’ve seen animals given as surprise presents and I worry every time because it’s just never the appropriate gift. Thank you again. Hopefully you saved my Chloe’s life.

  8. April Avatar

    Holly, unless the rat’s tumor has been biopsied/examined by a vet, you cannot be sure that there is no hope. You can also not be sure it is a tumor, it could very well be an abcess or a cyst.

    Most tumors in rats are mammary tumors, and can be removed through surgery. A good exotics vet could remove the tumor at a very reasonable price (under $100 in most cases). Unfortunately, I could not find a listing for a rat rescue near Fort Lauderdale on petfinder.com…so unless your daughter is willing and able to have the tumor removed on her own, then the rat is unlikely to find a good home. It’s hard enough to rehome healthy baby rats, nevermind older rats needing medical care.

    I am very much an advocate for the proper care of all pets, no matter how small, cheap, or short-lived; however, I do not mean to criticize. I don’t know any of the details of the situation, so I am not passing judgement. I’m just passing on information in case you didn’t know. I recently had to take three of my rats to a shelter because I could no longer provide for them, so I do emphasize with the situation.

    I wish your daughter and her pets well.

  9. lohengrin Avatar

    Turtles. *_* I, too, wish I did not live so far away! My snake died not too long ago, so I am down to just a lizard. Well, and the family dog.

  10. shawna Avatar

    I wish we weren’t so far away… we just had a (rat) funeral this week, and our remaining one is moping around. (Just had a tumor removed on her, and then we lose the other one suddenly. Sheeesh.)

    Good luck. 🙂

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