Rant Cancellation

By Holly Lisle

I had a long and causticly funny rant in progress about Welcome to the Neighborhood, a reality television show which was cancelled because of a perceived possibility that the show would make bigotry seem acceptable, at least in the early episodes.

I’ve decided it isn’t worth the time or the trouble. Fact is, conservative whites (especially those who are also Christian) are, like fat people, the last free shot. You can’t be a bigoted asshole to anyone else without people seeing you for what you are. Make gay jokes or black jokes or Hispanic jokes or handicapped jokes or Muslim jokes or Chinese jokes (to list only a tiny portion of the possibilities) and you will elicit a well-deserved firestorm.

Rag on conservative whites, roll your eyes at the fat, make breeder jokes about Christians with large families, and people will applaud you. Discriminate against these folks, and, well, that’s okay. They don’t deserve respect, or kindness, or equal treatment, do they?


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