Ran past my word-count objective because … you know … corpse… 1417 words (of 1250 planned)

In all fairness, I did know there was going to be a dead body today.

I knew, vaguely, whose it was going to be.

But that was it. As I started writing, people started showing up, and bits and pieces of action started unrolling before my eyes, and a new character who is going to be at least somewhat important in this book showed up, and keeps jamming her pointy elbow in my ribs saying, “I could be important for a long damn time…”

And she might be right. I like her. She’s related to the corpse, and she reminds me of a long-dead family member of my own that I loved dearly, and there is a corpse-vacated spot in the book for her already sitting there, open and waiting to be filled by someone.

I have a firm rule, however — Never trust walk-ons to not screw up your story. 

So D— will get this scene. 

I’ll let her float around in the back of my mind while I work through the planned outline, and see if she can step into the vacated spot and be useful without being destructive.

The story itself is coming along grandly.

Tomorrow will be me, the corpse… and some little hint of the bad that’s running in the undercurrent.

I don’t know what this bad is. That’s not part of the outline.

I need it to be organic, I need it to fit the past two books, and I need to let it surprise me. If it doesn’t surprise me, it won’t surprise you.

So. Good writing day. Could potentially fuel a lot of fun writing for the rest of the week.

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