“Play It Again”

Proposal #8, Version 3 off to Robin. It took much longer than I wanted, and I have accomplished nothing else while I’ve been working on it.

I probably won’t hear anything back until late next week, either, because though Kara might see it and like it, Claire still has to get back pre-order numbers before she’ll consider an offer.

This had to be done, though.

Writing for the rest of today is shot due to a host of other things that I have been putting on hold until they can’t be ignored any longer.

Tomorrow, therefore, I need to leap back into WFH1 with a vengeance. And the day after, and the day after that.

I’ve been reading e-mails but haven’t answered them lately. I will do my best to get to them. Meanwhile, for those of you who have offered private encouragement, please accept this public thank you, and know that your words have helped me get myself out of the gloom and on top of this problem. I’m deeply grateful for the friends and readers who have blessed my career since I took my first step into writing for a living. Thank you again, with all my heart.

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