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  1. Thanks, everyone. Anders — Glad Burn It, Bury It, Let it Live was useful. I’ve used that method on my own stuff. A lot of early work went into the blender as a result, and I don’t even feel bad about its loss.

    And I check our the missing Worldchain when I get a breather — over the years, I’ve changed the site so much that some things have ended up orphaned — the pages are there but the links are all gone.

  2. Holly, your Burn It, Bury It, Let It Live (https://www.hollylisle.com/fm/Workshops/burnit.html, for those who haven’t yet read it) workshop just saved me from exhausting anymore effort on a terrible book. I’m taking a few good characters, and a whole new story arc I was going to revise the novel to follow, to an in-planning novel where they can do some good, but tonight I’m putting some charcoal on the grill and using 370 painful pages of woe as fuel!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    (For the record my book scored 20, 1 point above the official “burn it” level, so I’ll hang onto a copy and put it with an awful NaNo novella in the “HAZARDOUS MANUSCRIPTS CONTAINED HEREIN — DO NOT ENTER!” folder on my hard disk.)

  3. Interesting article, although it was like an appetizer. It’d be neat to see each of the full interviews used to compose the article-kind of like getting the main course. (Hmmm…I must be thinking about what to make for dinner…)

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