I’ve quit Big Publishing to publish myself.

"I Quit!"
“I Quit!”

After years of publishing my fiction through big commercial publishers, with thirty-two novels sold to the big New York houses as well as to international publishers around the planet, and with more than a million books in print, I have decided to move to self-publishing my fiction.

Why am I going to start publishing myself?

First, because books don’t stay in print anymore with major publishing houses, and my 32-novel backlist has just about vanished.

Second, because I know self-publishing works, and doing this will allow me to write the books I want to write the way I want to write them, and present my stories to my readers without an intermediary.

How do I know self-publishing works? Or that it will work for me?

Because I’ve been successfully self-publishing my non-fiction since early 2006.

Publishing myself is the most fun I’ve ever had. I talk directly to my readers, they talk directly to me, and I write what they want to read.

What will you find in the My Fiction section of my site?


I’m starting my new fiction career by bringing out my backlist of novels and short stories for which rights have reverted to me. I’ll then move on to writing and selling original fiction.

The chapters you find in NEW WORKS AND REPRINTS are previews from novels and collections you’ll be able to buy for your Kindle, Nook, iPad or iPhone, and more in the next months.

Currently, the novels I’m publishing are, in order:


  • Midnight Rain
  • Last Girl Dancing
  • Night Echoes

These are coming out first because the manuscripts exist in digital versions, and they’re easier to convert.



  • Fire In The Mist
  • Bones Of The Past
  • Mind Of The Magic

These have to be scanned and digitized, but that’s going on, and once it’s done and I’ve had the books put together for me (I’m using the excellent Booknook.biz) I’ll get them online as quickly as possible.

Then some of my early stand-alone novels. Minerva Wakes. Possibly my Devil’s Point trilogy (I still have to get in touch with one of my co-authors, and the fate of the series hangs on that).

I have a couple of out-of-print books I’m requesting rights reversion for now, but there’s no sense mentioning them unless I can get the rights back.

I’m also putting together a collection of my short stories to sell on Amazon for 99 cents. The anthology will be the next to last reprint, because I have to wait for one of the stories to be in print for six months before I can reprint it.

Then I’m starting in on publishing new work.

Cadence Drake I: Hunting The Corrigan’s Blood will be my last reprint, (at least in this first round) because I want to bring it out the same time I bring out Cadence Drake II: Invisible Warrior, the novel I’m writing now. Following that, I’ve outlined and will be writing the remaining eight books in the Cadence Drake series.

I’d planned Cadence Drake as a long series from the moment I started writing book one in 1996—and fifteen years later, I still love the story and the character. So I’m doing the series I’ve been wanting to do since I wrote Hunting The Corrigan’s Blood.

After that? We’ll see. I want to hear from you. What you loved from my old work, what got lost, what you’d like to read now.

The rest of My Fiction


These are short stories and poems, most published in various novels I’ve written, or in anthologies—each is complete on the site, so if you’re looking for some quick samples of my work, you’ll find them here.


I selected a few first chapters from novels I’ve written over the years. Some of these are still in print, and some of them are collaborations I don’t have reprint rights for, but I liked the stories, and had digital versions I could convert to HTML. What you find on the site, however, is only a fraction of the books I’ve actually written. Searching my name on Amazon.com will give you a bigger (though still incomplete) picture.

You can ask questions or comment on this article in the companion weblog post.


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