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Quick Update Because It’s Laundry Day: 1786 words, and cool twist!

So here’s where I started this morning.Screen Shot 2021 01 12 at 9 08 03 AM

I began with a negative word count because when I read through what I wrote yesterday, some stuff had to go.

Some days the destruction is a LOT worse than this, but I did want to show that when I start in, my negative word counts do show up, I can see them, and I am aware of the price that cutting what I’ve written can have on hitting my deadlines. Some days the visible negative counts are in the thousands… and the next time I have one of those, I’ll try to remember to get a picture.

Just hoping that won’t happen again in this book.

And the positive word count does NOT include in my final tally the words I deleted. If it did that, it  would give me a false positive — would allow me to think I was closer to my target that I truly am.

But anyway, NAILED the scene today, and came up with a word count well above my objective of 1250. The 1786 net words I got today were fun, and the way the scene ended wasn’t something I’d planned.

By the time I hit the end of the scene, however, my wicked Muse had figured out something cool, and it whispered, “How about this?”

It was a true and final solution to the problem of that scene… though I have no doubt the solution is going to send some wicked repercussions through my story would.

However, it was… perfect.

And I was so happy with its little surprise that I damn near squeaked.

GOOOOOD writing day today.

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2 responses to “Quick Update Because It’s Laundry Day: 1786 words, and cool twist!”

  1. Michelle Owings-Christian Avatar
    Michelle Owings-Christian

    So glad you had a good writing day. I’ve been having a rough time lately — I fell on 1/3/2021 and broke 4 ribs. I was never hospitalized, which is good. Unfortunately, ribs really need to heal by themselves, so except for deep breathing so that I will hopefully avoid pneumonia, I am either in pain OR in a fog due to the pain killers. I’m doing the best I can, though. You inspire me. Always have.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Ouch. Yeah, any broken bones that have to be moved 24 hours a day, seven days a week until they heal are no picnic. When I gave an injury to one of my characters in Book Two of the series I’m writing now, I broke his ribs because for just sheer pain and keeping people out of action, that’s the Gold Standard. I would send hugs, but they’d hurt. So I’ll just wish you a quick recovery, and remind you that breathing deeply on a regular basis, even though it does hurt, is the very best way to prevent pneumonia… And I’ll cheer you on. Hang in. Get better!

      Okay… Virtual Guaranteed-Non-Painful Hugs!

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