Quick Update

Deadline 1: Got the GREEN MAGIC proposal off to Robin a couple days ago, heard back from her yesterday with revision requests (very small—overall, she was excited about the proposal), made the revisions over a couple of hours yesterday and resent the complete package, and that will go off to the editor, possibly today.

Deadline 2: I have Writer’s X’s manuscript (very good story) down to one small final section, and then I’ll do the overall crit letter. I’m still good to have that in the mail on the 15th.

Deadline 3: Next comes completion of THE RUBY KEY. I’ve been dreaming segments of this lately, always a sign that my subconscious is ready to play nice. I’ll start into that on Tuesday, and with that, will resume more regular posting, chronicling the progress of the story, plus the usual off-topic stuff.

Not looking any farther forward than Deadline 3 at the moment. I know 4: Hawkspar rewrite, and 5: 2nd 60,000-word YA, are out there. But for the moment, everything is giving the pleasant illusion of being under control and on time, so I’ll just enjoy that while I can.

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7 responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Thank you, Jason. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book.

  2. Chassit Avatar

    I just finished Talyn today and it was fantastic!!! I was guessing right up until the end, and you did a fantastic job with the culture and the villain. I’m not worthy! *bows.*

    Okay, grovelling out of the way, I’ve been telling all of my friends to get it, and I may buy them all copies as going away presents (I’m going to college soon) just to get them to read it. But now I can’t wait to get my hands on Hawkspar!


  3. Holly Avatar

    Shawna–That’s fantastic news. I can’t believe it made it to at least a few non-bookstore outlets.

    I have a little good news of my own. Our local BAM had four copies spined out when the book first came out. They now have nine, displayed in a double face-out, with four spined out copies beside those, and several spaces in the face-outs where books had sold, making it look like they recently had twelve, and of those, only a couple were the ones I’d signed.

    It isn’t enough to cheer about yet, but it does give me a little hope.

  4. shawna Avatar

    Ok, so I didn’t do it right.

    But at least the link works. It’s supposed to say, “Look what I found in my local grocery store today!”

  5. Holly Avatar

    Had forgotten. It’ll be done on Monday, though, and they can come pick it up at my house Tuesday. 😀

  6. PolarBear Avatar

    Sounds reasonable — don’t forget that Monday’s a Federal holiday, so surface mail won’t be until Tuesday. 🙂

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