Quick Note for Think Sideways Students and Grads

By Holly Lisle

The Writing Craft: Dialogue Episode 1 — Dialogue and Subtext is now completed and available for download.

  • Onsite student theater (1 hr) will remain available
  • Four downloadable segments of the same episode, each around 25 MB
  • Transcript
  • Worksheet

There’s also a long post with a survey here:
What Do You Want from The Writing Craft?

I’ll be putting up a public survey for everyone else pretty soon. This is what it’s about.

I’ve decided that I’ll keep all eight episodes available to everyone (who’s in Think Sideways as a student or a graduate) until I finish up the series. Folks who join later might have to rush a bit, but you’ll have the complete Dialogue course available at no charge until I’ve finished it.

And by the way, I don’t think I actually ever outlined the contents of the course. These will all be roughly hour-long video episodes with transcripts, downloadable and online-viewable lecture, and such handouts as you’ll need to actually do the work.

The Writing Craft: Dialogue (8 Episodes)

  • Episode 1: Dialogue and Subtext
  • Episode 2: Dialogue and Characterization
  • Episode 3: Dialogue and Theme
  • Episode 4: Dialogue and Plot
  • Episode 5: Dialogue and Realism
  • Episode 6: Dialogue and Humor
  • Episode 7: Dialogue and Action
  • Episode 8: Dialogue and Emotion

Do you see anything that I’m missing?

I’ll also be doing the following modules for The Writing Craft. These will NOT be offered as Think Sideways freebies, but students and grads will get an impressive discount.

The The Writing Craft: Description (8 Episodes)

  • Description and Action
  • Description and Pacing
  • Description and Plot
  • Description and Movement
  • Description and Suspense
  • Description and Theme
  • Description: Time, Place, and Person
  • Description and Characterization

The Writing Craft: Pacing (7 Episodes)

  • Pacing: What and Why
  • Pacing and Action
  • Pacing and Plot
  • Pacing and Characterization
  • Pacing with Theme and Structure
  • Pacing and Genre
  • Pacing Your Reader’s Emotions

The Writing Craft: Relationships (10 Episodes)

  • Heroes and Villains
  • Families
  • Women in Heroic Roles
  • The Romantic Challenge
  • Sidekicks and Comedy
  • Mentors and Guides
  • Guilds and Associations
  • Friends and Enemies
  • Work and Play
  • The Dark Side: Obsession and Worse

The Writing Craft: Nit-Picky Details (8 Episodes)[/b]

  • First Lines and First Pages
  • Clarity and Intent in Storytelling
  • Prose and Artistry: The Words Themselves
  • Presentation
  • Professionalism
  • Doing the Work
  • Grammar and Other Sins
  • Writing As A Career

Since I’m only doing one of these a month at most, and am not putting myself back on the treadmill to absolutely get one done every month (I’m enjoying writing the novel too much to create another Think Sideways that will eat my life and my fiction writing for eight months or a year— šŸ˜€ ), we’re looking at several years for these courses to come together.

So. Anything you don’t see here that you want? Anything you do see here that doesn’t interest you?

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