Over the years, I’ve asked my site readers a fair number of questions. And in several cases, I’ve saved both the questions and then answers.

These polls are listed from newest to oldest.

Polls will be marked open or closed depending one whether I’m still using the information I get from them.

Reader survey

OPEN: Which of my writing universes would you like to see me reopen and start writing in again?

Writer survey

OPEN: What kind of writer are you (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?
OPEN: What’s your day job (or primary occupation)?

Novel revision course survey

CLOSED: What parts of revision give you the most trouble?

Courses writers want to take

CLOSED: I need this planned writing module FIRST.
CLOSED: I need these MAYBE writing modules.
CLOSED: I want to save this DROPPED module.

Newsletter Poll

CLOSED: How often should I mail out the Holly Lisle Writing Updates newsletter?


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