Questions for New Yorkers

By Holly Lisle

My MC has a 1-bedroom apartment at the Parkchester Apartments at 2000 East Tremont Avenue, in the Bronx.

She’s a professor at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, at 15 E. 84th St., New York.

I know that, leaving from home, she can take the train from the Lexington Avenue station to get to work. However, what steps does she have to take to get there?

And would there be any difference in her route on the trip back?

What police precinct would cover the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World?

How hard a time would she have getting a taxi in front of THAT police station? Would the taxi driver be willing to take her home?

And finally, is there anything that doesn’t fit with a 45-year-old single female Serbian immigrant, naturalized American professor living in the Parkchester Apartments? It LOOKS like a nice place. Am I going to get her killed by forces other than the ones she has drawn down on herself by discovering that damned vase?

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