FAQS About My Writing Articles


May I link my site to this page?

Yes, with the following exceptions. Your site may not contain:

  • Pornography or adult-only material
  • Hate material, racist material
  • Anti-American propaganda

If your site doesn’t contain any of the three problems noted above, you link directly to the main pagehttps://hollylisle.com, or to the first page of any article, workshop, chapter, etc. (I don’t recommend that you link to middle or end pages of anything, because as I redesign the site the material on those pages may change, or links may change).


Will you link your site to my page?

I used to have a set of requirements, and would link to sites that met them if asked.

Then reality intruded.

Currently (2011) I work all the time.  How much time is all the time?  About 60-70 hours a week.  I need to stop this.  I know I do.  But I’m creating writing courses and writing fiction, I’m nearly 60 years old and the clock is ticking, and I haven’t even come close to doing all the things I want to accomplish yet, so for now this is my life.

The answer for now is simply NO… I can’t keep up with requests and I can’t keep up with the pages I’ve linked to to make sure they continue to meet my threshold criteria for being great resources for my readers or writers.


May I copy an article from this site?

You may not copy the text of any content on this site to repost on your own site or blog.

This excludes “fair use,” which permits you to copy two or three paragraphs from an article into a review or recommendation of that article or this site. If you exercise “fair use,” I request a live link back to the site and attribution that I’m the author of the material you referenced.

You are welcome to use the PDF link to get a copy of any article I offer, and you may share that PDF far and wide, as long as you do not alter it in any way. IT must remain the exact PDF you downloaded.

If you would like to copy one of my articles for a newsletter that you mail for free to a limited membership, e-mail me with details on the article you’d like to copy and I’ll tell you what you need to include in order to avoid violating my copyright.

If you would like to copy an article for any print publication that has paid subscribers, e-mail me with the details on the article you’d like to print and we’ll discuss the price for sale of one-time rights.

If you believe your readers would find something useful, you are welcome to link to the article in question. Please check your links for validity from time to time — this site changes frequently and although I have set it up to remain stable and to permit me to keep things where they are, links may break.


NOTE: If this article resonates with you, and you want to meet other writers who share your passion and who are working in a friendly, supportive environment, come hang out with us and make progress on your writing in my free writing community. Learn how writing fiction for a living really works.




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