Claire is a tough editor. She doesn’t let ellipsed logic or careless cause-and-effect get by her. I made it through almost the whole revised synopsis of LGD, answering her questions easily.

Until I hit a really simple one.

What have they found out separately? Can you itemize?

Hah! Boy-o. I’d planned on figuring that out as I was in the process of writing. I do most of my detail discovery when I’m slogging words. So I hadn’t thought that far ahead.

Now I’m stuck with either coming up with an answer for the question (which will demand more than I actually know right now), or begging leniency to find the answer as I go.

My question, though, is this: Which approach would better serve the book? And that I don’t actually know right now.

About time to wrap up for the day. I’m going to quit at this question and let it stew for a day.

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