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Whatever sort of contest I can have to promote my books, it can’t be that sort. {sigh} My publisher put the kibosh on the video contest. So. I’ll come up with something else.

But not today.

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3 responses to “Question Answered”

  1. sean500 Avatar

    Man, that’s too bad. I wasn’t sure how many Holly fans were into making videos, but I am! Even started some sketches as I was reading the book.

    I’ll finish reading the book, anyway…i was loving it and looking forward to making a trailer for it! Ah, well, maybe the new contest will be just as much fun! But “better prizes” than cash??? Never happen! 😀


  2. Annalisa Avatar

    I’m so sorry to hear this, Holly. It’s so sad. Such an exciting and promising contest.

    What about a fan art contest? Would that be counter to your publisher’s wishes (or yours)? I know that fanfiction is a no-no for many good reasons, but I’ve seen other authors post fan art sections on their sites. Just a thought.

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