Public Service Announcement: Internet Neutrality

By Holly Lisle

“Last summer, the FCC and Courts removed consumer protections on speedy Internet service and handed the phone companies and cable TV a blank check to create preferred service for favored clients. If Congress does not put these protections back soon, it could be a lot harder to reach your church or school, your local businesses or online communities you care about.”

From It’sOurNet

Non-tiered Internet access is what makes it possible for sites like this one and the Forward Motion Writers’ Community to exist. We’re nobody’s cash cows or favored customers; we’re small, and fringe, and unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Please take a look at It’sOurNet and make your voice heard to your Senators and Congressmen. The world-wide communities we’ve fashioned and the easy communication we enjoy with each other are at risk.

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