Public Service Announcement: Internet Neutrality

“Last summer, the FCC and Courts removed consumer protections on speedy Internet service and handed the phone companies and cable TV a blank check to create preferred service for favored clients. If Congress does not put these protections back soon, it could be a lot harder to reach your church or school, your local businesses or online communities you care about.”

From It’sOurNet

Non-tiered Internet access is what makes it possible for sites like this one and the Forward Motion Writers’ Community to exist. We’re nobody’s cash cows or favored customers; we’re small, and fringe, and unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Please take a look at It’sOurNet and make your voice heard to your Senators and Congressmen. The world-wide communities we’ve fashioned and the easy communication we enjoy with each other are at risk.

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3 responses to “Public Service Announcement: Internet Neutrality”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Hey, Angelique, nice to see you back!

    What happened to the Worldbuilding Clinic is this–the Create A Language Clinic started out as one of the chapters.

    Except it grew. So I was going to do it as a mini-book, and release it in e-book form, and do some of the other chapters in mini-book form, and when I had all of them done, gather all of them together and release them as the print version of the Worldbuilding Clinic.

    Except the Language Clinic still kept growing. So now it’s going to be its own book, in both e-book and print form. It’s already too long to fit back into the Worldbuilding Clinic.

    And now I’m afraid for the other chapters.

  2. Angelique Avatar

    Strange….the previous post should have been under the sample cases for language building. Hmmm…Internet gremlins or just plain not paying attention on my part?? what a day…

  3. Angelique Avatar

    Fun! I can’t wait for it 🙂 I still can’t praise CCC enough, for without which my female main would have never been born. What’s the word on the world building clinic? I’m frothing at the mouth over here 🙂

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