Progress on the WFH Proposal

Work on the work-for-hire proposal, on the other hand, flew. I’d managed twenty-one sections outlined in sentence-per-section form in the first ten minutes of Jean’s and my continuing work. And seven more sections (in somewhat more detail) in the next ten minutes. I’ll need thirty-three sections total to meet my projected word count and still keep each section at a reasonable length for the project. My goal is to finish the bubble diagram and line-per-section outline today without skimping on the research (which is what I’m doing now). I find myself dealing with texts from a couple of different eras, and they have severely conflicting information; either batch of research material might be right, but they can’t both be, and I’m in the position where I must pick one set of texts. And whichever one I pick, I’m going to risk pissing off some student of the other set of texts.

Theories, research, and the battle lines drawn between opposing camps of scholars. Cool, huh? I’m getting such a kick out of this. Better yet, I actually have a favorite in the battle, so I think I know which way I’m going to go, if I can find just a bit more research in one particular place to support my preferred direction.

And on I go, looking for the stick to stir my anthill.

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