Progress and snags

By Holly Lisle

I’m making nice progress on Talyn; have hit my words every day this week — 2000 or better every day. Including today, even after the news.

Midnight Rain has hit a snag. Both the hardcover editor and the mass market editor liked the revised proposal, thought they could work with me, figured that from the changes I’d already made we could get through final tweaks. The publisher, however, was not happy with it at all, and turned it down. I get another shot — one of the two editors is going to request a rewrite of the revision proposal and when I’ve done it, present it to the publisher once more. But the odds now feel very much to me like they’ve moved against me for this deal. There are other publishers, other houses, but in order to hit my market, I may very well end up doing a rewrite of the whole book before I let anyone else see it. And I’m sitting here wondering when the hell I am going to make the time to do an on-spec rewrite, and wondering how many months it might be before the book could go out again.

This is the gig — opportunity comes with no guarantees, no promises, a whole lot of rejection. Can, at times, be not a lot of fun. The only way to win is to keep going. Forward motion can at times feel like walking barefoot over broken glass, but it’s still the only way to get where you want to go.

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