Productive morning so far

I’m taking a few minutes’ breather to figure out what happens next. I’ve done over 3000 words already this morning. Finished chapter two with a cliffhanger as solid as the one for chapter one, am well into chapter three. I am, however, in dire need of a nap already. Can’t say I’m crazy about waking up at 4AM, but it certainly makes getting work done a whole lot easier.

Still, if I can I’m sleeping in until six tomorrow.

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2 responses to “Productive morning so far”

  1. Catherine Driscoll Avatar
    Catherine Driscoll

    You know what that headache is, don’t you? It’s the story pounding at the inside of your head, trying to get out.

  2. Sarajael Avatar

    I feel your pain. I’m leaving for work at 6:20am each morning at the minute. Coffee for the brain and matchsticks for propping the eyes open… ::yawn::
    I’m amazed by your productivity at that time of day. It takes me until 9am to wake up!

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