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Please do not share this worksheet before January 1st.
It will be supported by our podcast episode, a year-long forum event at Holly’s Writing Classes, and registration for the How to Write A Novel class starting on the morning of New Year’s Eve and ending Jan. 31s, 2020, at 10 PM ET.

For HWC Affiliates Only
For HWC Affiliates Only

This is an advance preview of our New Year’s podcast episode worksheet.

We’re going to be running this workshop in the podcast forum on HWC for the entire year of 2020. Rebecca’s and my objective with this podcast and year-long event is to help writers set achievable goals for their year (one piece at a time, not all at once), and then experience a complete year of “Winning at Writing”

  • learning what writing to workable goals feel like,
  • learning how to follow through on writing processes,
  • and winning by creating and finishing fiction they love, with us and the folks in the podcast forum for support.

I’m encouraging affiliates to participate in the event, both for the fun and the atmosphere and the Get Shit Done effect of succeeding while watching other folks also succeed, and also to demonstrate that you actually use the classes you’re recommending, and are yourself a working writer. Credibility matters.

For Affiliates Only. Please do not share this worksheet or page before January 1st.