I’m Holly Lisle. This is my site, and I understand the importance of your privacy. I, too, use the Internet. I will treat you as a valued guest, and as an individual with a legal right to privacy.

I will never willfully disclose individually identifiable information about my customers to any third party without first receiving that customer’s permission. Examples of disclosing third-party information with your permission include transferring you to PayPal so that you can purchase books or courses, and using your PayPal e-mail address to pay you if you are an affiliate.

1. Will HollyLisle.com ever send spam to my email address ?

I do not spam. (I like SPAMTM, the questionable canned meat product that is an artifact of my childhood, but I hate spam.)

I only send you email with your proven permission to do so. My mailing list is what’s called “double opt-in” — this means that you must first enter your email address into a form, and then, to prove that you have not attempted to sign some one else up to my mailing list, you receive an email that requires you to click a link proving that the person who signed up and the person who sent the email are the same.

I don’t spam, and I won’t ever sell, rent, or give away your personal information, or voluntarily share it with anyone else. If subpoenaed, I will on the advice of a lawyer give verified legal authorities the exact information their subpoena covers.

If you join the affiliate program, you agree to receive affiliate updates from me as part of your terms of service. If you wish to stop receiving these, you must request the cancellation of your affiliate account.

2. Why do I collect user information, and what do I collect?

When you download a paid e-book, course, or software, I log your Name, Email Address and IP address. These are necessary to connect you to your account and downloads and to be sure that your account is not being used by people outside the terms of service.

When you request emails from me, I get your e-mail address (and rarely your name — I usually don’t ask for it).

When you pay for something through my site, I receive the receipt that gives me your name and e-mail address (and sometimes your mailing address).  I never receive credit card information — I don’t have access to it, and it is not stored on any of my sites.  I use PayPal and Stripe as a secure third-party payment processors to protect your critical data.

This site uses cookies.  These cookies allow you to sign up for emails that interest you, get shop purchases, downloads, reply on the blog, and other nifty things.   Cookies on the website allow ME to see generic (not personally identifiable) information including how many people visit my site, what they do while they’re here, which of my articles are most popular, how many people per day sign up for my mailing list, whether they buy anything, and whether they reply to articles I’ve written.

My email processor gives me personally identifiable information linked to your email address. It tells me when you have added a segmenting link to either receive or not receive specific kinds of emails (if you’re interested in ONLY fiction, or ONLY nonfiction, for example) and I use this information to send you only emails about things you want to find out… and I use the broader data, including unsubscribe data, to learn how not to piss off people I like quite so frequently, as well as to figure out (by the number of opens or clickthroughs on various e-mails) what my readers like and what they just don’t give a damn about.

3. How is the information I collect used?

If you have requested them or purchased them, I send out e-mail courses, e-books, and product announcements. If you haven’t specifically asked to receive them (and this includes registered users who have purchased e-books or software but who have not specifically asked to be notified about upgrades) you’ll never hear from me.

If you are an affiliate, I use the information to track money owed to you, and to pay you.

4. Will this personal information ever be used for any other purpose?

The only time I would ever use your personal information for any other reason is if I am required to by a subpoena and advised by a lawyer that the subpoena is valid and that I must cooperate: In that case, I will give exactly the information required of me in the subpoena as advised by the lawyer, and nothing more. I value your trust and your privacy, and will protect it to the best of my ability.

5. Will I ever sell this information to a third party for advertising?

Never. Not ever, not under any circumstances. Nor will I rent it or give it away. As I said above, I’ll treat you as a real human being with real rights, one of which is your right to privacy.

Children’s Privacy

I do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If I learn that I have inadvertently obtained such information, I will delete it from my systems.

I encourage parents to go online with their children, and teach them to:

  • Never give identifying personal information unless you the parent have checked the site and have given your permission.
  • Ask you to check sites before they visit them to make sure they are appropriate.

Always check web privacy policies to be sure your children under 13 have special protection.

Government information on this issue: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/menus/consumer/data/child.shtm

If you have questions about my use of your personal information, please contact me.


Holly Lisle

UPDATED 8/21/2017