Posted the Next TalysMana Scene

By Holly Lisle

So I got to it. The WHY of TalysMana. Not entirely the how—not yet—though I leaked some of that in this scene.

But the WHY is in there…why is this happening at all, why is it happening to Kettan, why does it matter, why does she care.

There’s a bigger and deeper why later on…but this scene has a couple of good shockers in it. I’m not sure if I hit either the language or the imagery I wanted, but again, this is raw first draft, and the second I typed the last word of the scene, I copied it into Dreamweaver, put the page together, and pasted it into Aweber. Some folks on the West Coast might still get it tonight. For most folks, it’ll arrive on Monday.

By the way, if you’re following the story and missing any of the scenes, just reply to any scene you DID get and tell Becky which ones you’re missing. She’ll send you copies. (Not of scenes that haven’t been delivered yet, though.)

Tonight I wrote 1191 words.

This scene, “Tigers & Otters & Zombies, Oh MY!,” comes in at 2655 words—the longest so far in the book.

Anyway… that was my night.

How’s your story coming along?

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