Posted the Next TalysMana Scene

So I got to it. The WHY of TalysMana. Not entirely the how—not yet—though I leaked some of that in this scene.

But the WHY is in there…why is this happening at all, why is it happening to Kettan, why does it matter, why does she care.

There’s a bigger and deeper why later on…but this scene has a couple of good shockers in it. I’m not sure if I hit either the language or the imagery I wanted, but again, this is raw first draft, and the second I typed the last word of the scene, I copied it into Dreamweaver, put the page together, and pasted it into Aweber. Some folks on the West Coast might still get it tonight. For most folks, it’ll arrive on Monday.

By the way, if you’re following the story and missing any of the scenes, just reply to any scene you DID get and tell Becky which ones you’re missing. She’ll send you copies. (Not of scenes that haven’t been delivered yet, though.)

Tonight I wrote 1191 words.

This scene, “Tigers & Otters & Zombies, Oh MY!,” comes in at 2655 words—the longest so far in the book.

Anyway… that was my night.

How’s your story coming along?

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32 responses to “Posted the Next TalysMana Scene”

  1. Cayleigh Avatar

    500 words Friday, 1200 Saturday, and another 700 today.

    I forgot to study for tomorrow’s test, so instead of writing more I have to have a cram session, but I broke 50,000 so I’m not too mad about it. Halfway there!

    This is probably the first point in writing this novel that I think I might actually have something good, something that people might want to read. That at least part of it makes sense, and the parts that don’t aren’t so huge as to be unfixable. 🙂

    1. Holly Avatar

      Congrats on the halfway point!

  2. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    921 Friday 6627 for the week, had a constructive week on the writing front my wife read what i’d done so far on this first attempt and pointed out that my writing style had changed since chapter 1 to which she was quite right when I revisited. Next she pointed out that Chapter 6 ‘The Semiotic Networks’ needs more detail I know whats happening but the reader needs to understand also? Hmmmm I think she’s right! So i’ve re-done chapter 1 and will be looking to explain chapter 6 in a little more detail.

    I have got a question i’m on 27k at the moment and probably nearly a third of my way through so that would put me on about 90k at the end? Is that about right for a book????

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      It’s probably best to wait until the whole thing is done before going back and rewriting/revising/fixing things. Make notes to yourself about how you’d like it to have been, but in general, don’t actually go back and fix it.

      The length of a novel varies on the genre. If your genre is sci-fi/fantasy then 90k is jperfect. You want to hit in the 75k to 100k range. That genre averages about 250 words per page. So 90k comes to a 360 page novel and that’s a good size. Other genres have different page/length requirements.

    2. Holly Avatar

      What Pencil Neck said. That’s a good, salable length.

      1. Dean H Avatar
        Dean H

        Hi Guys, thanks for the advice.

  3. stephanie Avatar

    How many scenes are here supposed to be in the TalysMana story? I have gotten two scenes in my email, but don’t know if I am behind or not….

    Love what I’ve read so far of this story though…

    1. Holly Avatar

      Stephanie, it depends on when you signed up. The scenes mail out on Mondays and Thursdays. If you’ve just joined and you have scenes 1 and 2, hang in. More will be coming.

      If you have gaps, each scene is numbered.

      I’ve posted 6, and wrote the first bit of 7 tonight.

  4. Gabby Avatar

    About 1100 words yesterday.

  5. Eve Avatar

    384. The boys are off to school and poor, newly hatched George is penned up in the dog kennel in the laundry room without even the comfort of a towel, for fear that he’ll burn the house down while they’re gone.

  6. Tamara Avatar

    I’m only just now joining the “Write a novel with me” program. I was being a really good procrastinator–I mean not even attempting to write anything–and then this idea came into my head. The desire to see it unfold in print was stronger than my fear of failure. The story keeps developing and becoming more “solid.” It’s my first. Not sure if it will be publishable material. Don’t really care. It is so exhilarating to have words flow together into a scene and dialog; creating a picture.
    I’ve gotten 6411 words in 4 days.
    Can the flow last? Or am I cruising a beginner’s high?

    1. Larkk Avatar

      You sound like me about a year ago! Keep going, and follow that story to the end 🙂
      Starting was the hardest part for me, because after that the momentum of the story itself kicked in.
      So, yes, I think the flow will last…

    2. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Tamara,

      Welcome to our little romp. You got an excellent starting wordcount. Just remember that there will be days when the numbers drop—and any step forward, no matter how small, is still forward. Hang in.

      And I’m glad you joined us.

  7. Twila Avatar

    Just worked up enough courage to try and post a comment on here for once, I’ve been reading along and admiring everyone’s work for a while in lurking spells. Subscribed to and read the small 14-page PDF crash course on plot outlines, helped a lot with the story I’m making along as I go. My pace is a lot slower than everyone else’s, but I still enjoy what I put out. It gets me through seventh period Web Design, at least. ^^;

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Welcome, Twila! We’re a pretty friendly bunch and I promise we don’t bite. Much. Hard. Often. 🙂 Good to hear from you!

    2. Cayleigh Avatar

      I know how you feel. Writing is the best way I’ve found to drown out my History teachers rants about her cats.


  8. Peggy Avatar

    No words on Thursday, but some thoughts about DG and about another possible future project. Hoping for words Friday and through the weekend, and then it’s vacation time, and not planning for any new words until after the New Year.

  9. Rabia Avatar

    I’m revising, so I don’t have a word count. I did finish up a scene and moved on to my next index card. Only a few more to go!

  10. HannaBelle Avatar

    Sorry to be dense, the post title says you “posted” the next chapter, but it is not in my Inbox. I am enjoying the story so much I watch the box for it. When might we see it?

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Hi HannaBelle, I did the same thing but no story. It looks like we won’t get it until Monday “Some folks on the West Coast might still get it tonight. For most folks, it’ll arrive on Monday.”
      I can’t want to find out what happens next. 🙂

  11. HannaBelle Avatar

    300 words on Bx.

  12. Michelle Avatar

    763 tonight for me.

    1. Michelle Avatar

      Wait – forgot to post yesterday. That was last night’s count. Tonight’s is 1218.

  13. Nancy Avatar

    352 words last night. Had an absolute epiphany about my theme and the two main characters’ character arcs. It’s so cool, I can’t wait to write more. I don’t think I’ve ever used characters to embody my theme in such a conscious way before. I mean, it’s not preachy, but rather instinsically embedded into their personalities and motivations — and therefore their fates. Fun stuff!

  14. Larkk Avatar

    Three chapters read and marked up into the worksheets. I’m considering my first character merge. The characters were pretty minor, but it’s interesting how it’s become obvious that they serve the same function and are one and the same. For now I just made a note on the character page though.
    Crawled into bed, because it’s the only place I can get warm around here, and cranked out 650 some words on the laptop figuring out my other story. Don’t know where it’s going, but it was fun anyway.

  15. Jessica Avatar

    Cleaned up the house hoping it would unclutter my mind. Worked in some ways not in others. I have a fun idea for a twist as Cait dashes from through the market. But everytime I sat down to write I would start fidling with things and get really tired.

    I don’t know if this stall is because my deadline goal is looming and I’m running out of time, so subconsciously I’m failing myself on purpose. Or if it’s just a general bleh feeling from, say, never seeing the sun since I’m at work before it rises, no windows at work, and home after it sets. 🙁

  16. Greg Avatar

    KavI: 433
    OFL: 1124 – got a bit carried away getting a scene finished!
    RFW: 1037 – almost half-way now, and am hoping once I get out of this sticky middle, which seems a bit low on conflict, I’ll feel better about the story as a whole
    D&DII: getting this plot sorted is STILL dragging on! Should finish my sentences today, then will get some page-per-scenes done over the weekend so I can start the first scene next week, then I’ll try to do the rest of the PPSs up to and over Xmas…

    1. HannaBelle Avatar

      Four at once … glad you have these moving …

      1. Greg Avatar

        Friday’s words (11th)
        KavI: 506
        OFL: 1168
        RFW: 1061
        Will be adding a word target of 650 for D&DII to my daily goals as of tomorrow (Monday). OFL will hopefully come to an end mid-January, and I’ll not be starting any new ones until I’ve got these finished, hopefully meeting my April target. Then May might bring a need for paid employment, which will naturally reduce my word counts considerably…!

  17. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    344 words.

    The Princess, stranded in a space station, finds a ship looking for an assistant pilot and applies. She has her first ever job interview. And it’s not pretty. She’s not very good at not being condescending.

    I also did about 20 pages worth of HTRYN week 2 worksheets. I’m finding a lot of stuff that I didn’t really introduce with the right level of importance. And I got sidetracked because I’d left my Skype on and one of the guys from India (that we fired) saw I was on line and contacted me. He just wanted to chat… and to see if we were going to be sending his company any more work. I was trying to write during that and it was distracting.

  18. Teri Avatar

    276 words to wrap up one scene and start the next. And looking forward to the next TalysMana scene. 🙂

  19. Deb1789 Avatar

    Only 239 Words tonight. But they did wrap up the chapter nicely, and I think my muse is cooking some thing up, it just isn’t done yet.

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