Postcard from Saturday, with Words

My goal today was to sleep seventy hours and get caught up. I failed. I wish to complain to The Management who does not make a seventy-hour nap achievable in a 24-hour day.


I didn’t write, but you did. So how’s your story coming?

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12 responses to “Postcard from Saturday, with Words”

  1. DasteRoad Avatar

    Planned to take an actual day off on Saturday, ended up fiddling with the novel all the same. Only 113 words, but since it was unplanned, this is all gravy.

    Erthel is attended by Maithel, the village’s guardian (some sort of spiritual guide), and learns that quite a few representatives of the local Bloodline are waiting for her downstairs to hear her version of the story (but NO, the scene WON’T be a horrible pointless recap of what the reader already knows), including the Matriarch, who is more or less a living legend.

  2. Ame Avatar

    520 words. A bit like pulling teeth at first but I’m actually pretty happy with what I got.

  3. Rick Avatar

    Haven’t touched the novel in ages, just sat down for a bit today to blow the dust off. Headed toward the “middle of the end”, approaching all the angst and hard thinking of the MCs trying to devise a plan that will take them into their big battle…

    1572 without hardly any effort, and still going strong for the day. My protagonist is on the verge of taking some very good advice from a very bad source, and having the faintest ideas of a plan crystallize into something brilliant, revolutionary and possibly suicidal.

    Gosh, I love this part.

  4. Emily Avatar

    1450 words, bringing the NaNo count up above 25k. 🙂

  5. Debora Avatar

    I’m still here, trying to figure out whether the vision I had for the ending of my WIP this past Wednesday is really where I want to be headed. In the meantime I have been reading a very good book, The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters. James Scott Bell is coming out with a new book, called The Art of War for Writers, which is something I must have. I am also trying to rethink my daily routine, with the goal of writing twice a day rather than just in the morning.

    617 words on Thursday. No words since, but a whole lot of thinking!

  6. Teri Avatar

    1,131 words, and Princess Laena has had her second meeting with the arrogant Baron Zhaer and concluded that he is not trying to court her in an uncultured country baron manner, he is mocking her!

  7. Jessica Avatar

    600. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than I planned, but it definitely surprised me.

    In the funeral procession the wolf decides where the body is to be buried. I thought it would be a neat culture cookie. But when the nephew is being verbally attacked by the Speaker of the Senate, though he’s got enough attitude and dislike for the bureaucrat on his own, the wolf also comes to his rescue and physically attacks the Speaker. After the wolf is knocked off, and runs off to what looks like an approaching storm, the Speaker goes into a rage about bad omens, and blames the General for everything – the rebels in the city, and the attitude/lack of respect in the soldiers.

    His rampage on the General could probably use a bit of work but I’ll save that for revision. Since this is going to come before we know the General IS responsible for what he’s accused of, it’s a nice set up for the twist later.

  8. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    1404 words.

    The Princess, thoroughly bored waiting for her bodyguard to return, decides that shopping for shoes will be just the thing to cheer her up. So, against the advice of the security guards in the apartment complex lobby, she goes off to find a designer shoe store she’s heard about. And instead she finds people rioting in the streets celebrating her father’s murder. She tries to save a crying child in the street, but that just pisses off the mother who’s one of the rioters. Sick with the chaos, The Princess tries to command the crowd to return to their homes, she tries to explain how self destructive this rioting is, and how they need to return to their lives. And help her fight against the usurper who killed her father. And she feels hopeful when people stop and start listening to her. Then she realizes that things are turning ugly. She runs and people chase. She gets to the apartment complex but they’ve locked the doors. The security guards ignore her. The crowd gets her and starts beating her and ripping her clothes off. She gets concussed and confused. And then there is gunfire and dead people around her. And she loses consciousness.

    I didn’t get everything out of the rioting scenes that I wanted to. I was in the LA Riots back in 92. I didn’t really capture the grand scope and insanity. I’ve got to work on that.

    I wrote a lot more than this but it was doing some character studies and fleshing out some of the upcoming outline. In addition to the Sentence Lite outline, I’m doing a Paragraph per scene this time. It allows me to get a little more detail before doing the full scene. I’ve got my paragraph outline done until the end of the first “act”.

  9. Phil Avatar

    Just joining in today. I’m working my way through your plotting course. I’ll have to count up what I have so far to see where I am. I suck at titles so my working title for this book is “The POW”.
    Love your course.

  10. Rabia Avatar

    Revised a short story tonight and wrote a completely new ending (454 words) for it. I also found a new title for it (Beauty, Unraveling) and discovered the use of morphine and scopolamine in inducing twilight sleep while doing a little research for it. So, revised some, wrote some, learned something new. All in all, a good night.

  11. Tori Avatar

    Met the daily quota for Nano. I now have over 23k words. That is a great feeling, but everything that happened in those pages, even though they are supposed to be interesting, sound very boring. I really hope this is normal. I’ve killed so many characters! How can I still feel this is boring? I CARE about the story, I really do like the story. It matters. And yet my horrible writing is keeping me from having fun. Where did the fun go? I think it went back to Week One, when I didn’t care if anything sucked.

  12. Tuesday Avatar

    I’ve been watching this idea for a bit and finally decided if I’m going to skimp out on the stress of NaNo then I should at least keep writing. 😀 Thanks, Holly, for the inspiration. Just over 900 words, a blissful change from a daily 2,000! My character has moved to the seaside with her parents, near the war base, and is compelled by them into volunteering at different hospices. She spends her days with twenty-something women who have the eyes of forty-something women and goes home dead tired. It’s a different experience.

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