Post-Webinar Wrap-Up: Workshops, Downloads, and More

By Holly Lisle


We ran over an hour. I knew when I had fourteen pages in small print that I was in trouble, but I tried to get through the whole thing.

I made it to page five, because some questions require deeper answers, and I wanted to make this count.

What I have may help you make up your mind about How To Thinks Sideways.

Meanwhile, I was not watching chat, but my daughter was, and she let me know that a number of folks were wondering if we could do the rest of the questions as separate workshops.

Yes. That’s actually a really good idea.

I already have the question split into topics, and I’m doing them as free workshops, and adding the workshop videos to the General Classroom for all students as an unplanned bonus.

Here’s the promised download:


The results of the poll, because I forgot to get into this:

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