Post-Webinar Wrap-Up: Workshops, Downloads, and More


We ran over an hour. I knew when I had fourteen pages in small print that I was in trouble, but I tried to get through the whole thing.

I made it to page five, because some questions require deeper answers, and I wanted to make this count.

What I have may help you make up your mind about How To Thinks Sideways.

Meanwhile, I was not watching chat, but my daughter was, and she let me know that a number of folks were wondering if we could do the rest of the questions as separate workshops.

Yes. That’s actually a really good idea.

I already have the question split into topics, and I’m doing them as free workshops, and adding the workshop videos to the General Classroom for all students as an unplanned bonus.

Here’s the promised download: [su_button url=”” size=”5″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]DOWNLOAD PDF[/su_button]


The results of the poll, because I forgot to get into this:

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14 responses to “Post-Webinar Wrap-Up: Workshops, Downloads, and More”

  1. Claudette Avatar

    Holly, I’m so glad that you did the PDF, because I doubt you would have ever finished answering questions otherwise. With writing, as with many things, one answer spurs 10 questions into existence. It’s a neverending cycle.

    Great job and I’ll be reading these with interest.

  2. Charlotte Avatar

    A very inspiring workshop. Thanks!

  3. Dennis Avatar

    Really enjoyed the webinar Holly and look forward to the future releases.


  4. Stephanie Avatar

    Thank you so much for this webinar! I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Looking forward for the rest of them.

    On a side note on the voting, I chose the first option (it’s the only job I’ve ever wanted-and the one that people have always said is the most impractical/impossible) But I also wanted to choose the ‘need to work at home’ option. I wouldn’t be surprised if more folks than em fall into more than one of these categories lol! Love that the only job got half the votes though!

  5. Marie-Claire Allington Avatar
    Marie-Claire Allington

    Well done Holly! That was brilliant. Looking forward to the next!Best Wishes MC

  6. Seleane Gray Avatar

    I have a question I would like to ask you, Holly, is there some place I can send it so that you can possibly read and reply or should I ask here? I don’t mind others seeing it but if others are experiencing what I am maybe it could help if others got your answer as well.

    I wasn’t in the chat but I saw the video and really enjoyed it. That’s for putting it out there.

    1. Amy Avatar

      I’m not Holly, but there is a “writing question for the newsletter” option when you open a ticket on the help desk. Holly handles all the tickets, so if you have something specific to ask her, that is probably the easiest way to guarantee she’ll see your question.
      Here’s the support page:

  7. Nashira Avatar

    Thanks, so much Holly.

  8. Jessica Avatar

    Learned a lot int the first half hour. I plan on watching the rest later.

  9. Sallie Avatar

    I missed the live chat but I’m so glad you posted a link to watch it after the fact. Great stuff! Just one quick comment….I laughed out loud there at the end when you commented about having a colorful past being an asset for a writer. Thank you for that! I think very often those of us who have made every mistake a person can possibly make or who have had to overcome a lot of challenges really suffer from a battered sense of self-confidence. I know I do, sometimes to the point of no longer trusting myself to make smart choices. I needed to hear that maybe, just maybe, all those experiences could turn out to be an asset. I don’t know if I’ll be able to crunch the dollars to join HTTS this year, but I’m sure going to try. Otherwise, I’m in for sure next year! Thanks Holly!

  10. Tamara Avatar

    Personally, I was thrilled with both the webinar and the chat. I got a website/hosting question answered in chat by Rebecca and Dennis with feedback from several others–many thanks to each of you.
    Best thing you said that truly spoke to me was working in 10 minute timed increments when you had a newborn. I’ve got one coming so it was reassuring to hear that writing with a newborn is possible despite the challenges.
    Second best thing, but equally important, not to drive yourself into failure. Thank you for covering that from more than one angle.
    Now for my question. As an existing HTTS student, will I be able to see and participate in the future workshops as a free bonus or at the $7 cost? I’m not opposed to either option. I simply want to plan/budget. Thanks.
    Thank you again for today and for routinely sharing your knowledge.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      This is the part where, when I say “all in-version upgrades,” I mean it.

      ALL HTTS STUDENTS get the upgrades. There is not tiered membership. If you own the course, you get the upgrades.

      1. Tamara Avatar

        I love you. You’re awesome.

  11. Elanor Avatar

    I’m so glad to hear you’re planning to do workshops on the unanswered questions (at some future, as yet unspecified date)!

    I know your workshops fill up fast. I hope I’ll be able to get in on one. 😉

    Thank you!

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