Post-Thanksgiving: Back with a vengeance. #wabwm

To those who survived Thanksgiving unscathed, I salute you.

I was scathed. I have made my annual post-Thanksgiving vow never to look at food again. 😯

But. Getting back to the edits. Today I get into the parts where Matt found a major problem (in two parts) and the time off did give my mind the rest it needed to figure out fixes for the two parts.

So. I have less than half the manuscript to go, but a LOT of work.

I’ll be here over the weekend again, too.

So, write well. Kick ass. And if you’re in for weekend warrioring, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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3 responses to “Post-Thanksgiving: Back with a vengeance. #wabwm”

  1. Claudsy/Claudette Young Avatar

    I spent post-Thanksgiving writing like mad to get NaNo finished so that I’ll have a place to start with the real writing of this series that I didn’t realize I had.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, Holly. I’m working now to turn drivel into something readable and exciting. We’ll see how that comes along.

  2. KenB Avatar

    Thursday and Friday … I was a lazy a$$. 🙂 Didn’t do anything and it felt good.

    BUT, Wednesday I finished my Chapter three. Chapter four has one scene left.

    1. Jen of Hens Avatar
      Jen of Hens

      Kudos Ken!!! Bet that feels good.

      Got in another 1900+ today. Now it’s just gravy. Might start another story that’s been jumping around in my head, wanting to get out….

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