Plot Clinic: Things I’ll be adding

I’m making pretty good progress this morning on the revision of Plot Clinic, and between beta readers and official beta testers, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. But it will be good, useful work.


  • I’ll be adding the Timeline Structure, which I inadvertently forgot in the first draft.
  • I’ll be doing a complete section on using the Plot Clinic to fix novels-in-progress.
  • Adding detail to some sections
  • I’ll be completely reworking Line-For-Scene Take Two with clear instructions for using the cards once you’ve done them.
  • Several other sections some of you have mentioned will be getting more details and focus.
  • The book will have a real ending. Sorry about missing that before.

Seems like a lot of writing, but I think I can have it done and everything proofed and spiffy in time.

Individual thanks will be coming, but for now, a general thank-you to everyone who pitched in and offered suggestions. You’ll be getting a much more complete final book.

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  1. PJ Avatar

    I missed the chance to be a Beta thanks to the Evil Nasty Bug that took over my life for a week. 🙁

    BUT – I wanted to send a huge thanks out to those who did get to Beta. It sounds like you all hit on something that is dear to my heart: “I’ll be doing a complete section on using the Plot Clinic to fix novels-in-progress.”

    Holly – I am REALLY looking forward to Plot Clinic’s release. A huge thanks to YOU for all you do.


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