Please VOTE: HTRYN Scholarship Contest

By Holly Lisle

Voting and awarding scholarships for the How To Revise Your Novel Scholarship Contest was delayed because I’ve been sick.

However, I finally got the poll together.

There will be six scholarship winners. Five will win either a full scholarship to How To Revise Your Novel or a $150 cash prize payable via PayPal (winner’s choice).

The sixth, the grand prize winner, will receive both.

You have one week to vote, and may vote for your three favorite candidate videos once per day between today, Monday, January 25th, and Monday, February 1st. The poll will close February 1st, and I’ll tally scores, and announce the contest winners Tuesday, February 2nd.

Here’s how the voting works. I’ll add the number of votes here, plus the number of views, votes, and stars each video gets on YouTube along with my judging criteria to pick FIVE scholarship recipients, including the grand prize winner, who gets both the cash prize AND the scholarship.

The wildcard winner will receive a scholarship based on votes here plus YouTube views, votes, and stars. (This is the video ONLY you select.)

All videos are linked in the poll via a single new window. You can click each link, and it will open in the same window, making voting easier. Work your way up the list from the bottom, down the list from the top, or however you choose, check each of your three top choices, and submit your vote. If you’re so inclined, you can repeat the same process for the following six days.

HTRYN Scholarship Voting.
You may vote for THREE.

(Videos are listed in alphabetical order.)

Detective Disaster #20
Done To Death
First Draft FAIL #92
Flight of the Naysayer
How to Commit Problem #14
NaNovelist Woes
Problem #29
Problem #93: Pardon?
Revision Problem #18: Who Cares?
The Manuscript
The Name Game: Problem #71
“This Way and That” removed at creator’s request
Vicky and Mike Attempt to Save the World free polls

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