Petition to Honor Jabbor Gibson As a Hero

Remember Jabbor Gibson, the kid who saved the lives of more than 100 people, and was accused of looting because of it? Here’s the link for a petition to ensure that he’s honored as a hero. Please sign if you can. Please pass this on to everyone you know, and ask them to sign, too.

And thanks to Shelly, who found this link first.

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5 responses to “Petition to Honor Jabbor Gibson As a Hero”

  1. arainsb123 Avatar

    I did some research of my own and found no evidence besides hearsay that he charged a fee.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Link is working again now. I cannot believe that only 113 people have signed it at this point. That’s sad.

  3. Holly Avatar

    I haven’t heard or read anywhere that the kid did anything more than take the bus and load it up with people. Considering the neighborhood, I seriously doubt that many people had a hundred dollars just lying around.

  4. arainsb123 Avatar

    I heard that he charged $100 per person to get on the bus. Is that true?

  5. Kayla Avatar

    It’s not letting me sign, but I’ll come back later and try again.

    He did what he had to do to ensure those people’s lives. If that’s looting, then we have no right to call ourselves human.

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