Pet Food Recall

I noticed it wasn’t actually straightforward to find out which cat and dog food products were being recalled. In case you haven’t been able to track down the information, here are the brands in question.

Cat Food
Dog Food

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7 responses to “Pet Food Recall”

  1. nienke Avatar

    Thx for this. I kept hearing the news ‘teasers’ about the recall but didn’t get the brands.

  2. TJ Avatar


    I read, perhaps on the Snopes RSS I get that there were some canned varieties included on the recall. Just in case you didn’t know because I only heard of pouches until I was reading the Snopes article.

  3. Holly Avatar

    That’s it. Sometimes you love it. Sometimes you hate it. If you ever stop caring, it’s time to move on.

  4. Ninja Avatar

    Ah, makes sense.

    I guess it’s that way with any passion you pursue to make a living.

  5. Holly Avatar

    Ninja—Over the long haul, writing is a blast. Best job ever. You chase your imagination across fields and forests of your own making, and then other people read what you’ve done and discover the magic you found first.

    Deadline time, however, almost always sucks. Just the way it is.

  6. Ninja Avatar

    Holly, I have a question:

    You say in your articles that writing is fun and enjoyable, yet your day to day blog posts seem to state the contrary. Why is that?

    Just wondering. Thanks for your time.


  7. shawna Avatar

    Even though the news reports are saying that just the “cuts and gravy” style are being recalled, it covers a great many flavors, which wasn’t very obvious from the news articles, either. We have the canned variety of a couple of flavors that are being recalled in the pouches… I think my cats are just going to be eating dry cat food for a while, especially since it doesn’t sound as though the manufacturers have found the cause.

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