Past the switch point

In Midnight Rain, I’ve crossed over from the material I wrote before I figured out the ending to the material I got after. Which means I’ve passed out of the zone where I’ll be likely to find fertile fields for expanding the story. Once I hit that switch point, the book took off and ran like an express train. So, the good news is I’m likely to finish up the read-through and manuscript scribbling in a day or so. The bad news is, then I’ll have to start the type-in, and all the cryptic little notes I’ve done to myself, like “Fiend/Fool scene here” and “expand on sibling angst” are going to have to be translated into real pages and real chapters.

I’m gritting my teeth, looking at what lies ahead and seeing the horizion moving away from me. I may yet have another month before I have the thing done to the point where I’m ready to let beta readers take a look at it, and even more until I’m ready to call it ‘done’ and send it off to my agent.

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