PART ONE of the day: 843 words on Teaser Story Two

I woke up this morning knowing a big chunk of the second give-away story I’m writing for folks who join the (not yet available) Ohio Novel launch list.

Once all five books are done and revised and have their covers and are all set up in Amazon, I send my little list of folks who want to read them to the launch list.

The folks who scan up with get two freebie stories that will let you know whether or not these stories are going to be of interest to you.

The first introduces the 29 year-old main character of the novels when she’s in the fifth grade, and first discovers what it is that her grandmother does.

The second introduces a surgeon who will become important to my MC (she gets hurt a lot in her work) and her best friend.  The first story has been finished for more than a year. The second one is a lot longer, and I did another 843 words on it today (shown in the screenshot above).

But now… on to Book 4, and today’s 1250 words (or better).

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