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  • And then there were none

    Got the damned words. 2403. Closer to Chaos is. Total word count right now is 44,304. Hah! Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Bleeding Words

    Jesus. My main character is a widow with a three-year-old son who can walk through worlds, whose sister is a glorified zombie, whose dead husband is still literally haunting her, whose would-be lover is secretly a Special Agent in the FBI, and who is charged with saving the worldchain from collapse . . . and…

  • Toys are evil, and websites are the biggest toys on the planet

    . . . at least if you’re trying to get work done. On the one hand, I now have a truly nifty weblog tied in to my site, all the links fixed, all the colors matched to the actual site . . . And on the other hand I’m still about 200 words shy of…

  • Hot damn, it worked

    Now all I need is a great closer for this unending scene. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Trying more technology

    Well, my people are arguing in a hall, and I’m trying not to find some excuse to kill them all, which would be a quick and unfortunate end to what’s supposed to be a fairly long interlinked series. So I’m trying out the Blog This! right-click pop up menu. If it works, it’ll automatically update…

  • A moment of triumph in a frustrating day

    Neat. Got a nice template, everything is set up, and it actually seems to be working. Now to set up the site with everybody else’s weblogs. I get so creative about everything else when I’m stuck on the writing.But at least the site is up, and I can see how everyone is doing on the…

  • Hey!

    Hey! Hey damn. Success! Something actually showed up on the thing. I’m live. Now I have to find a better template. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Thoughts while stuck:

    Does the book suck? Are the characters as dull as they feel? Does anything I’ve written so far make any sense whatsoever? This has not been a good writing day so far. Download as PDFPrint Page

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