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  • 4686 words for the day

    Background and character summaries completed, synopsis well underway. I am tired. And I miss blogging as I work. But I’m excited about what I’m getting. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Not having my writing log while I’m writing is driving me nuts

    … which, admittedly, isn’t all that great a leap. But I’m having this amazing time, developing an entirely new world, new magic system, characters and story — I haven’t been this excited about anything in ages. I have my shot at hardcover if I can come up with the right project, and I have been…

  • 1374 words so far, and time to break for supper

    I like what I’m getting today. Poor Lauren has learned the hard way that in high-magic worlds, high-tech may not be the best way to go. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Oh, boy

    With my character flying around in her magic-made glider on her way to meet the old gods, I finally figured out who this particular batch of old gods would be . . . and oh, boy! I’m so excited. See, because of the set-up of my particular universe, most of Earth’s mythologies had more than…

  • Learning to do it right so you know how to do it wrong

    Had to find out — fast — what the inside of a glider cockpit was like, what all the diddly bits were called, how they worked, and where they were located — because I have to have a character create a glider that doesn’t work right — but that doesn’t work right for all the…

  • Starting in on a new day’s writing

    Today, I need some joy, some grace, some fun, perhaps a few laughs, and 2400 words or better in good time. My little prayer, such as it is, for inspiration and something approaching coolness in the story. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • About 450 more words to go for the night

    I really, truly wish I had mornings to write, instead of nights. I’m not a night person. I hate being up late. Arrrrrrrgh! Download as PDFPrint Page

  • 2430 and done

    And my brain is fried. Tomorrow . . . tomorrow something good, I hope. But right now I’m damned if I know what it’ll be. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Well, I just killed off a nice guy

    He’d just had sex with a bad girl, though, and if we follow horror-movie rules, that doomed him. The bad girl is still alive, though. Still have a bit under a thousand words to go to get my quota for the night. And I’m sitting here yawning. At least, having finished the sleazy sex bits,…

  • Struggling with conflict

    I have my hunt for the old gods and the dark gods in progress, and the fate of a whole string of worlds hanging in the balance, and I’m having trouble pulling the trigger on some of the events in this story. It should be a fairly straightforward charge through this section, but it isn’t.…

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