And there are places where it’s thin. My stuff always puts on muscle in revision.

I love the ending — it answers a BUNCH of questions, and brings in a new role for one of my main characters, and at the same time, it sets up Book Five.

I’m taking a week off from the words, just to let stuff perk. Maybe a smidge more than that — say until the Monday after next.

During that time, I’ll focus on the rebuild of, and let Ohio Novel #5 stuff percolate in the back of my mind.

Because stuff happened today that was big, and weird, and really important — and some of that is going to have to be included in the start of the next book.

Anyway — got MORE words than I planned, took longer than I expected to get them.

Totally worth it.

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My website over on is undergoing a massive overhaul (complete site rebuild).

And I anticipated the process taking FOUR months.

Turns out… it’s probably not anything like that.

My amazing community moderators over there have already finished building all the classrooms in the new software, and getting all the class materials into them — a process I’d expected to take about two months. That means that all the lessons, all the downloads, all the videos, all the EVERYTHING… are done.

Except for the lesson timers (the things that make a new lesson show up each week for the writer taking the class), which I have to go in and do manually.

Turns out, that takes about ten seconds a lesson, and all the lessons are (for the person building the class), on the same page, so you can just go through and check a box and put in a number and it takes a couple seconds if you’re being careful. 

So, timers are a non-issue. I have to do them, but they won’t slow anything down. That’s what I’m going to do today on all the classes… and I anticipate having all the classes done today… even if I have to duplicate the BIG classes to offer the slower-pace/smaller monthly price one-lesson-every-OTHER-week option.

I’d figured another two months for my two database guys to figure out how to move all the existing members and all their existing classes into the NEW database, while I built the front end — the sales pages for the classes, for us to test the new classroom with the new, beautiful, professional, already integrated shopping cart.

And it very well might take us that long.

But since the software we’re using has built-in professional integration with the shopping cart we’re using… probably not.

Moving ever single writer who ever bought a class (and who therefore still owns it) into the new database might in fact take two months. 

But I’m going to say odds are pretty slim that anything else will.

So I’m saying  BEST CASE, we could be on the new software and live on December 8th (one month from now).

I’m saying that the Reasonable Assumption is that we’ll be moving everyone and everything to the new site (and the new site to around the New Year.

I’m excited. There are a lot of things I’ll be able to do on the new software that I cannot do on the old software… but that’s a post for another time.

Right now… I’m heading in to write the ending of Ohio 4 novel. Yep. LAST SCENE. And I know what I want to have in it.

Tomorrow, I’ll start outlining Ohio 5.

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Fun, fun writing. 

It flew, and I made myself laugh.

I’m not done with the novel yet, but I’m done for today.

I left things hanging, but I wrote considerably more than my 1250 words goal.

Now I have to go work on the website.

Monday, I get to come back to this, and to the follow-up scene I realized has to follow this one to end the book.

Beautiful stuff today, and a process that makes me happy every single time it clicks like this.


Also… remember Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young… and the song Our House. The band and the song get a weird little nod in this book.

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Down now to 77,762 — which is still way more than minimum novel length. It’s just hard to watch words I’ve already written disappear into the ether.

But now… Hoo Boy!

Now my MC walks out the door, and the big shit that takes me to the end of this novel starts to happen. 

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I woke up this morning knowing the ending. As has happened sometimes in the past with novels, it was just there, something my brain figured out while my body was asleep, and dumped into the hopper for me to see when I woke up.

So TODAY, I need to dump about 1200-1400 words that went in the wrong direction.

That’s a whole three seconds of my day.

And then I settle in, and I write the ending.

That means that this book won’t look like 90,000 words when I finish it. Not a problem. Short books for me always get longer in revision. (Long ones frequently do that, too — but that isn’t today’s issue.)

But odds are BIG that I’m going to finish Ohio 4 today.

If I stop messing around here.

So… this was yesterday’s end-of-day word-count. 83,316.Ohio 4 2021 11 04 at 2 34 45 PM

And having just cut the words that had to go, this is where I’m starting this morning.Ohio 4 2021 11 05 at 8 10 36 AM

You can see that I ripped out a lot of words. Don’t care, they needed to go, they were slowing me down. I know how BOOK FOUR ENDS. 

So now… it’s time to wreak havoc, and let loose the Cat of War.

Hot SHIT, I love this job!

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Today I realized that if I had my ending, I could just stop here. 

I always end up adding significantly in revision. 

But I don’t have my ending yet. And when I say that, I mean that I don’t KNOW my ending yet.

I have the outline. 

But I went a different way with the story, so now the outline of the ending scenes is toast.

I’m finding my way. I like what I found today. I have no idea what I’ll find tomorrow.

I’m hoping the path of the story will flow a little faster then. Not smoother. Just faster.

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Another day of building the fix for the website.

And then a day of coming in late, and tired… and falling into the story.

I did not know that today was going to be the day one of my secondary villains came out of hiding. Or that the various things this character has done would pick TODAY to… er… roost like chickens.

I might have chickens on the brain (my daughter has taken up raising them).

But I stepped into the story distracted by work problems, by stuff that hangs over my head that isn’t any fun… and the story kicked me in the shit, howled “Pay attention…” 

And then did weird, interesting things. 

And I got good words and lots of them.

1,334 words for the day, 82,047 overall.

I’m closing on the end. I don’t know what it’s going to be — my outline went out the damn window some ways back like … like a chicken eyeing a big vat of boiling oil (now I want fried chicken)…

And now I’m thinking blogging while hungry is a bad idea.


I’m near the end of Book 4.

Something today changed everything. 

My MC has a new enemy. A new way of seeing not just her town, but her time since she arrived in Ohio.

And until I’ve slept on it, I’m not going to know exactly what changed, or exactly what effect it’s going to have. But I’ll say this: Tomorrow should be really interesting.

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It’s a complete site overhaul over there.

*100% new classroom software

*100% new shop software

* Same forum — but upgraded, updated

* Lessons actually integrate with lesson reminders (for the first time ever)

* And if I bring the affiliate program over, THIS time it won’t die on people, because the software it runs on is…

A) state of the art
B) fully supported by the company that created it


My amazing moderators and I are building, and once we’ve finished building, we’ll test, and then we’ll move the existing database into the new software so that everybody who EVER owned any of the classes will own them again, and everyone I can reach will be able to head back in and find all their stuff in nice, clean, shiny, working classrooms.

The amount of work this is… it’s nuts. 

But it’s going faster that I anticipated (by several orders of magnitude) because my moderators truly are amazing people. Some of whom are working for Deity pips. All of whom are volunteers, doing all of this work for no payment.

I haven’t been around here much, because I’m there. Because we’re on the ticking clock of ancient, unsupported software and very old versions of sub-frame stuff, and …shudder… 


Well, I got 172 words, and they don’t suck.

I still like where I’m going.

But my stress level right now is not actually conducive to writing fiction. So, having genuinely tried to get words, and having pinged like an engine that’s dropping pieces on the road, and that’s starting to both smoke and steam, I’m going to call TIME on today’s words, and go see how much of the front end of the site I can get built (because that part has to be all me) I can get done.

And some hours after I started writing this post, I came back to it with ZERO front-end stuff figured out, because while  the Kadence WordPress them is very pretty (and pretty expensive), the backend on it is a nightmare I’m having no luck figuring out — and so far, they have not gotten back to me with any answers to my questions.

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I got 1207 words today before 11 AM. And now I have to stop where I am because that’s close enough to 1250, I’m at a really good stopping place, and because I and my moderators are hauling ass to rebuild on new software and get it live before the existing site croaks.

Love what I got, though, and love how it blends in with the spiffy twist I got on Wednesday.

And I continue to love these characters, and their little made-up version of my real town here.

But now… off to the other job for the day. 😀

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Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? 


Love it. 

I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen today in the scene I had to write. I knew who had to be there.

Not why. Not what the scene needed to accomplish.

It was main character meets X for the first time…

And everything in my mind beyond that point was whole lot of nothing.

But when I put these two characters together — my MC, and this character I’ve written about a lot in these first four books, but who I’d never met in person (in the story, of course) — everything just fell into place. The scene was as smooth as riding waxed paper down a sliding board (which, if you never did this as a kid, boy did you get cheated). 

It was like these two characters had been planning this meeting, or like this had been sitting inside the fiction metaverse from the first day I started work on Book One.

Today, I got exactly what the story needed. The little Book Four story, and the enormous Ohio Novel story.

And it takes me perfectly, flawlessly, wickedly…straight into Book Five.

I’m not done with book four, of course, because my main character still has a solid chunk of stuff she has to accomplish in this novel to wrap things up.

Today, though, the story just grabbed me and took me along for the ride, and used a bunch of stuff I’ve built into the world in ways that are gonna have CONSEQUENCES in the coming days and weeks… and months.

Oh, boy, today was fun!

1448 words for the day, and 79,287 total words on Book 4. And I am really, really close to the end.

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