Overhauling the site

As you might have guessed (by the fact that everything is broken), I’m overhauling the site.

I’m having a miserable, cussing, growling, horrible time of it.

On the bright side, the site now loads fast.

On the dark side — everyfuckingthing else is dark side.

EVERYTHING. The blog is not on its page. The first few articles are linked here on the front page, but the past twenty years of posts? Good luck finding those. I can’t.

Writing Articles? Nope. Going to have to hand-link every single article on the Writing Stuff page.

Sidebars? Nope.

Plugins? Nope.

If I could go back, I’m so frustrated and angry and miserable trying to use documentation that doesn’t answer my questions that I’d  almost certainly return to the shitty, way-too-slow site.

But I can’t. I knew I’d end up here, so I DELETED the old set-up so I couldn’t go back.


I’m too pissed off to work on this any further today. I’ll come in, see if I can get a few things fixed tomorrow. My day off. Going to be a while before I have one of those again, I think.

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4 responses to “Overhauling the site”

  1. Emily Dunn Avatar
    Emily Dunn

    Oh my word, I can sympathize. I reworked my website last summer. Major stress. Major fussing. And no one understood why I was so stressed.

    It can wait, they said. Just walk away for a couple of weeks. No. Shit no. This is the public face of my biz. Not gunna happen.

    I did finish. It’s better. Still not the clean look that I wanted… but I’m not reworking the thing until next year—or the year after.

    Good luck!

    1. Holly Avatar

      I loathe website work. But on this site, I’m the only help I can afford. I have to say that, while the learning curve was pretty rough (because I was moving from a painfully complex theme and had to figure out how to simplify the site), that the Focus theme from DIYthemes is excellent if you’re using WordPress. I was pretty miserable starting out with it, but I even though I don’t have the update here completely finished yet, what I have finished is fast and usable.

  2. Michael Eldridge Avatar
    Michael Eldridge

    I understand that Cortez ordered his ships burned when he landed in Mexico. Same logic. No ships. No going back.
    You’re in good company–sort of.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      LOL. At least I’m starting to get the hang of this. Now if I can just get the blog images fixed, I’ll be thrilled.

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