Outline Finished! The Emerald Sun moves forward…

Short post today. Took a couple hours, but I was on a roll, so I just stuck with it.

And I’m delighted to announce that I’ve finished the line-for-scene outline of Moon & Sun 3: The Emerald Sun.

Tomorrow I’ll take a day off from writing fiction, and instead work on building some of the locations that exist in this story so I can see them. I’ll just a sketchbook for this, not Minecraft Mapping.

Once I know I have a decent feel for the locations, I’ll do a couple of character interviews — but after that, I’ll be ready to actually start writing the book.

I thought it would take me a lot longer to get to this point than it has.  So I’m going to find myself writing on three separate novels each week for a while — and I honestly don’t know if that will work.

I’m not having any problem right now with two novels, and Dead Man’s Party is past the halfway mark, with the first draft planned for completion at the same time that I finish up the last lesson of How to Write a Novel.

I’ll confess, though, that even to me it seems excessive.

But worst case, it’ll make an interesting experiment in exploring my limitations as a writer.

Best case, I’ll get to write on three separate novels each week, and will have as much fun as I’m having writing two.

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2 responses to “Outline Finished! The Emerald Sun moves forward…”

  1. Vanessa Avatar

    Great job!

  2. Mike Avatar

    Holly, I’m looking forward to the day when some of the things that take up so much time in my life right now will be a thing of the past, and I’ll have the elbow room to stretch out and just write! But that day isn’t yet, simply because it’s kinda nice to have a roof over my head (especially now, in Wisconsin!) and food to eat. But I can see that day is coming soon, maybe even this year!

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