Out On My Window Right Now

Don’t get to see anything like this too often. It’s out on my front window right this minute. Cool, huh?

Giant moth on window

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  • Rick Oct 30, 2003 @ 18:19

    It’s… watching me.

  • Heather Oct 29, 2003 @ 22:48

    Wow, that IS a gorgeous picture! I love butterflies and moths (as evidenced by my blogs hehe).

  • Faith Oct 29, 2003 @ 21:51

    Cool, I love real night moths, I once found one just after it emerged from its chrysalis, got to watch its wings dry and harden and everything.

    Great photo, by the way.

  • Jean Oct 29, 2003 @ 20:40

    The "eyes" look like something you’d see on a giant squid. Gorgeous!

  • Catherine Oct 29, 2003 @ 20:11

    Absolutely! I love Luna moths!

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