Original Manuscripts on Sale

Someone near and dear to me has serious money trouble and needs to buy an affordable used car so she can get to and from work.

To help out, I’ve given her three of my original manuscripts to auction off:

She’s putting these up on eBay—Sympathy for the Devil tomorrow—and (change of plans) as soon as they go up, I’ll post links to each of the auctions.

These are the manuscripts that I sent into Baen, that are marked all over with copyeditor’s marks, and from which the books were typeset. They’re one-of-a-kind items, and I’ll verify that they’re legit.

If you have any questions about the manuscripts, you’re welcome to ask me here. Questions about the auction, of course, go to her.

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13 responses to “Original Manuscripts on Sale”

  1. eitje Avatar

    physics, i’m going to get you!! 😀

  2. Holly Avatar

    Thanks for the offer, Jenne. That was very kind of you. Apparently her friend came through for her with the equipment.
    She told be early yesterday she was going to be able to post it.

  3. Jenne Avatar

    I can’t afford to bid on the manuscripts (I’m hoping they bring in a TON of $$, which I don’t have), but does your friend need help posting the auction? I might be able to help with that, to get the ball rolling. There is a geographic issue, but if anything can be done remotely, let me know!

  4. Holly Avatar

    I called over the weekend to find out. Apparently, it takes the person who promised to loan the equipment to her to put the auction up remembering to bring it in. 🙁 She’s still waiting.

  5. eitje Avatar

    what’s it take to spend a little money around here? 😉

  6. Jim Avatar

    It remains, IMHO, Holly’s finest work. And I’m still in love with Dayne. 🙂

  7. Anders Avatar

    “God laughed outright. “Anaraphel—I always stack the deck! I play to win…””

    You just hooked me. I’m reading this book.

  8. eitje Avatar


    i’ve begun reading sympathy for the devil @ baen’s website – i’m up to chapter 30. 🙂

    i’m also seeing some parallels between the small conversation we were having in another thread & this book. you, ma’am, are a very interesting person.

    also, i find incredibly rich the situation at the end of chapter 30: God laughed outright. “Anaraphel—I always stack the deck! I play to win…” indeed, i enjoy the juxtaposition with the scene at the end of the second chapter. so clever. 🙂

  9. Holly Avatar

    She’s having a hard time getting everything together to upload her pictures (she doesn’t have her own computer or equipment), but should have Sympathy for the Devil up Saturday.

  10. Cuyler Avatar

    Wow, I’d have a hard time letting go of any of my Original Manuscripts- if I had any. I’d want to keep them for a keepsake thing. Must be a great sacrifice. Take alot for me to do something like that. Wish your friend my luck.

  11. Carlie Avatar

    That’s a fantastic thing to do for a friend. 🙂

  12. Chassit Avatar

    It’s times like these when I wish I weren’t broke. Oh well, good luck to your friend, Holly!

  13. eitje Avatar

    dibs! 😛

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