Oops… The FRIDAY night post.

I know it’s Saturday morning.

Sorry I missed this. Have been up all night, have the NaNo beta tester for How to Revise Your Novel chosen now (still won’t be notifying any applicants until Monday or Tuesday, because I still have the Non-NaNos to go through, and the entries are significantly longer.

But I forgot to post the Friday “write a book with me” entry.

I’m sorry. Here it is. Will make sure the Saturday one goes up on time.

How are your weekend words coming?

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26 responses to “Oops… The FRIDAY night post.”

  1. Leah Avatar

    These past few scenes have been quite challenging to write, since they’ve required a lot of emotional intensity. Out of me, most of all! I finished 731 words today. It did not go as expected. I thought that it would be the heroine and the creature; instead, the hero got to her first.

  2. Beverly Avatar

    544 words. I was pleased to get anything down at all.

  3. Rabia Avatar

    I’ve had friends visiting so no words for me this week. Dead tired, but planning on some words tonight. Wish me luck!

  4. Don Avatar

    It’s late Sat. afternoon did 588 today cold and cloudy.

  5. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    757 words yesterday. Completed one scene–Lord and Lady Adato don’t really believe them. Then started the next, in which an old friend greets Cricket. Unfortunately, not only has she seen him (or someone who looks exactly like him) before, which led to her getting kidnapped, he’s in a completely wrong part of town, which makes her more suspicious.

  6. ramble Avatar

    Well, I’ve been slowly filling in plot gaps, character inconsistencies and everything that counts as a speed bump to a smoothly flowing story…so I’m hopping around a lot. Getting things accomplished, too! I find that the food court at the mall is a great place to do this kind of work–lots to look at, with no t.v…heh. I’m averaging about 500 words a day of fill-in stuff. Modest, but still forward momentum.

  7. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    302 words – development.

    Still writing out an overview. And heading into the third act, I hit a brick wall. The Princess is now in Imperial hands after having been betrayed by her mother, The Queen. (The Empire agreed to put The Queen back on the throne in exchange.) The Princess’ Bodyguard, whose fealty is to the throne and not the Princess, is having a crisis of conscience for being a part of giving her up. And The Princess’ fleet is in a shambles with their leader now gone and the rightful Queen on the throne. Some captains want to run, some want to go after the Princess, and some want to swear fealty to the Queen.

    And I’m not sure I really want her to be rescued. I’d prefer she figure a way out of this herself. The obvious choice is for the Bodyguard to sneak onto the ship and break her out. A secondary choice is for one of her captains to stop the ship and get her out. And of course, as I’m writing this out, I get another idea. More betrayal and a reconciliation. Hmmm….

  8. Jeff Avatar

    …I’m back.

    I just had the enjoyable experience of surviving a major merger. I’m still not restored to Fulltime status, but that doesn’t keep management from scheduling me for six-seven days a week, 60+ hours on average.
    I loath the fact that I had to fight so desperately to keep a job I really do not like, but I refuse to default on my student loans.

    On the up side, I no longer have to push so hard to stand out amongst the other PT’s and my job is as secure as it can be for the next six months. That means my free time can return to writing.

    On the excitedly hopeful beyond belief side, there is an opening at a local museum with the restoration and repair deparment (MY BFA DEGREE!) and I am one of three people applying.

    And last but not least, on the writing side. Word Count = 715

    …its backstory. I’ve run amuck with tangents and am pruning. But its nice to have the time to do anything else but work.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Welcome back, and good luck on the application for the better job in your real field. I hope it comes through for you.

      And congrats on surviving the merger, miserable as it was and is.

      1. Jeff Avatar

        If the experience taught me anything it was about people’s character under pressure. Most just crack, a few really shine and one or two morph into a cut-throat, back stabbing, vicious version of themselves who use your friendship as leverage to get their foot high enough to step on your neck… thankfully one was transfered from corporate to branch (huge demotion) and the other’s job was phased out.
        Needless to say my notebook was out catching all the subtle and not so subtle changes in the people around me…

        About the job, I probably (definitely) will not be getting it. I just heard from my inside source (the one who informed me of the job) that one of the other applicants is a 25 year veteran who has had the chance to restore the likes of Leonardo and Goya and David, and wants to move closer to her grandchildren.
        She is one of the best in the field and a really lovely woman to boot, so I can’t even trash talk her when she gets the job over me. They’ll be lucky to have her.

        oh well… there’s always writing :]

  9. Ieva Avatar

    I wrote 500 words yesterday, which completes my quota. And I won’t be writing more this week.

  10. Hanna Belle Avatar
    Hanna Belle

    No word count, still vacationing, having a good time with friends. Only online for a few minutes.

    1. Holly Avatar

      😀 Have a wonderful vacation.

  11. Mark Avatar

    I was mortified with today’s effort. I’m was stuck in the same place I’ve been stuck in for nearly a week. Eventually, instead of just writing the scene, I sat down and wrote everything else. I wrote a list that charts one character’s POV as it changes throughout the story. I wrote a sequence that’s all in backstory, and will never be included in the actual book, but it helped me sort out the details. I went back to my last couple of chapters and fixed a few kinks that had sent me off in the wrong direction.

    Finally I went back to the chapter I was supposed to be working on, completely rewrote it from scratch, finished the scene, moved onto the next, then a third, realised I’d been a complete idiot and reversed the order of the three scenes. But there is finally some clarity.

    Tomorrow, I expect a lot better.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Yeah, I’ve done things like that. I generally stall out until I get out a piece of paper and start talking to myself on it, asking myself what’s wrong, what I’ve missed, and what I could do better.

  12. Larkk Avatar

    1281 words-various scenes that happen in the MMC’s past and ideas about his culture.

  13. Patricia Avatar

    578 words last night. It’s amazing how the simplest, most mundane things- say buttered mashed potatoes- can suddenly become as divine as heaven itself to someone who has not had such a privilege. After eating nothing but overcooked meat, bitter herbs, and insects for the past year and a half, simple traveling rations Ryan finds at his old, ruined camp are absolutely heavenly (though traveling food a million years from now is quite a bit better than simple trail mix). It’s a pity he has to be interrupted.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Nice insight into your character.

  14. Adam Avatar

    Had a friend come over last night, so didn’t get nearly as many words as i wanted, but that’s ok this time.

    started te battle, and it flowed pretty well when i was writing. There will be little progress from me for the next week, as tomorrow we leave. i might get a chance to write some days, but there is a high probability that i won’t get any time to write. should be able to dig into some new words this afternoon, but have things to do with my son’s scout pack in about an hour.

    340 words total.

  15. Debora Avatar

    426 words. I’m happy with that.

  16. Peggy Avatar

    Just shy of 200 on Friday, and I realized I need another scene before I get to the dead wife showing up. That’s on track for tomorrow, as today the hubby and I are doing a day-trip.

  17. Greg Avatar

    D&D: 512
    OFL: 1041
    RFW: 1034
    A solid, if unspectacular, day.

    1. Hanna Belle Avatar
      Hanna Belle

      I am always amazed at your writing output, on three projects, not just one. It is a goal of mine to be able to post progress on more than one project on a regular basis.

  18. June Avatar

    Not a lot of words on Friday. But it was a drive around day — housemate had tests at college (I drive her) and the beagle had a vet appointment. I did decide to read over what I have and make sure it still seems to be on the right track. Found a few bumps but nothing, I think, too bad.

    1. Debora Avatar

      Love beagles. We have the most wonderful beagle-mix, a rescued boy we call Sam. He suffers from severe separation anxiety and is slavishly loyal. He keeps both my husband and me sane, together with the feline members of our family. Can’t forget them.

      Hope your beagle had a good visit to the vet.

  19. Charmaine Avatar

    1351 words for Dog Show Detective another chapter finished. Policeman has arrived to investigate the claims of dog-napping and vet claims he knows the culprit.

    Trying to build up my word count, need to reach 2,000 a day to get ready for NaNoWriMo. My first year attempting this craze. I love the idea because anything that can get kids to write has my vote.

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