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Oops — a brief tale of Social Media fail

So I’m working on the TalysMana revision. And because of the way I did the first draft of that story, I was looking for someone online.

By name. Had the WHOLE name. And the one place that name came up was in Linkedin.

Okay, I thought. I have a Linkedin account. I don’t use the damn thing, but I have one.

So I logged in. (Three cheers for 1Password, or my 600+ unique passwords, some of which I haven’t used in about a decade, would be impossible.)

And discovered that there was no more information on the person I was searching for when I logged in than there was from outside.

Which means I’m going to have to change the name and the character in TalysMana.

That’s fine. That character wasn’t fitting the story anyway.

But the other thing that I discovered, much to my horror, was that people I DID know had been trying to reach me on Linkedin — there are about a dozen post in there from 2012.

And those requests for help are in there now because?

Because I haven’t been in there since…no clue. But I now have proof it was sometime before 2012.

So if you were asking me for help promoting you through Linkedin back in 2012, I’m very sorry I didn’t.

I wasn’t there, didn’t know you asked.

And I don’t see myself becoming a Linkedin user now. I don’t have time for the stuff I’m doing as it is.

On the bright side, I might be overworked, but I don’t suffer from all those new stresses and anxieties psychologists and psychiatrists are attributing to the overuse of social media.


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8 responses to “Oops — a brief tale of Social Media fail”

  1. Mary Avatar

    Oh, do I ever know this feeling. I have Facebook but rarely use it. Whenever I do log in, there are always way-outdated (yes, sometimes by years) messages waiting for me, and I feel bad that I never responded to them.

    I’ll never be a social media guru, that’s for sure. 😉

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar

      I used to use Facebook. No more. When I had a problem, they turned out to be horrible people to work with. And I was, unlike most folks, a paying customer.

  2. Irina Avatar

    Very yay!
    Anxiety is never a good idea -.-
    If there is a hell, I firmly believe it Looks something like WhatsApp

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar

      I had to look up WhatsApp — had never even heard of it.

      You’re right. That looks like hell.

      1. Irina Avatar

        I don’t have an account. I know a ton of people who use it, I know nobody who enjoys it. “But it is sooo useful.”

        Yes, I miss out on some group events, because I didn’t see the message (which is buried in a thousand inane comments like “I bought shampoo” and “I’m watching [random TV-Show]” anyway. No, I didn’t make that up. I saw them in a friend’s account.)

        But honestly I don’t have enough time as it is for everything I’d like to do and learn anyway…

        1. Holly Avatar

          Time. That’s the biggie. I can’t be everywhere. I choose to be with the people who choose to be with me, not chasing after all the ones who don’t.

          Hence… here, my writing site, and home with my guys.

  3. BJ Steeves Avatar
    BJ Steeves


    I quit Linkedin several years ago for 2 reasons. One, they got hacked and many accounts and passwords taken. Two Rumors of a Microsoft takeover which eventually happened. (Although I had many certifications in Microsoft products, never liked the way they did business).

    As for password control, try KeePass. It runs on Linux, Windows, Android, and others. You enter the site name, it can generate the password randomly for each entry. Store the database with a master password (the only one you will need to remember). When you log on to a site, if your browser didn’t remember the password, open KeePass and copy/paste it in. If you put the encrypted database on the cloud such as Dropbox, all your device can access it. AND IT”S FREE!


    1. Holly Lisle Avatar

      You can tell how closely I follow them. This is the first I’ve heard of that. Fortunately I don’t ever re-use passwords (my Facebook fiasco cured me of that).

      But… UGH!

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